Life’s To Do List

So I don’t know about you, but I have my Bucket List all prepared. I just don’t like the name Bucket List. It sounds depressing…it’s all about what you need to do before you die. Well, mine is a Life’s To Do List…stuff to do while I’m still alive, while I’m fit and healthy. Technically the same thing, I know, but it sounds nicer.

So some of the things I’ve done? I’ve :
* seen a dolphin with my own eyes
* been published
* been on a rollercoaster  (I’m a chicken when it comes to heights)
* received a certificate from the British Museum for a course in Egyptology
* had a henna tattoo
* had my fortune read
* volunteered

Some of the things I’ve still to do? –
* extract my own DNA (yes, it’s possible!)
* go to Egypt
* visit an archaeological site
* earn enough to make a career out of writing
* travel
* learn Gaelic

There are just some things you want to do, that you always think about and are constantly reminded about.  There are some things that stick in your mind and you can’t escape them.  These are the things you can’t ever give up on.  These are the things that are truly important to you.  And they should be on your list.

I’ve been thinking about Egypt, and going there my whole life.  I’ve always wanted to travel and write books and be an archaeologist.  Illness stopped me from doing a lot of things for a few years, but now, they’re possible again.  And they will get done…sometime…someday.

What’s on your Life’s To Do List?

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