Author Interview: Rebecca Boucher

Rebecca Boucher is one of eight authors involved in putting together the valentine’s anthology Novel Hearts by WriteMore Publication.


Hi Rebecca, thanks for being here.

  • Tell us a bit about your short story The River Liffey.  What characters does it focus on?

The River Liffey takes place in Dublin, Ireland and focus on Lilly and Daemon. They are there to fulfill a promise made to a deceased friend. It really focus on letting go. Letting go and accepting the future.

  • Wow, sounds good.  So, how did you come up with the idea for this short story?  Was it something you had already considered through writing the novel?

I hadn’t even considered it. When we started talking about the Valentine’s anthology I decided I wanted to write more about Daemon and Lilly. But I really didn’t know where I wanted to pick up their story. So I researched a little on St. Valentine and discovered his relics were buried in Dublin, and I thought wow, that’s a little known fact I would like to work with.  And considering their story deals with the fae and a lot of Celtic elements, it really made sense.  A lot of research went into the setting, it was fun.

  • I love Celtic influence.  The River Liffy is based on the novel Hunting the Moon.  Is this part of a series?  Where does the River Liffy fit?  Is it set before or after Hunting the Moon?

Hunting the Moon is the first book in a three book series. This story takes place between Hunting and the second book midnight Raven.  I think it will really perk people’s interest in the books.

  • So I’m noticing a theme here…all of these have really interesting titles.  Hunting the Moon and the sequel Midnight Raven.  How do you come up with your titles?

Good question… Hunting the Moon really just came to me one night when I was obsessing over a title. The book is about a woman, Lilly, being haunted by the ghost of her husband.  And his ghost first appears at the full moon. There is a lost of symbolism with the moon Goddess, and she plays a big role in the series. But I can’t tell you what.  Midnight Raven, well, that has to do with shape shifters. And you guessed it, one of them is a Raven.  But it also ties in nicely with one of my favorite poems that I use in the book. It’s kind of a nod to Edgar Allen Poe.

  • I’m intrigued already.  Poe, ghosts, and a Goddess.  How do you decide which characters are most important?  Hunting the Moon is about Daemon and Lilly.  Midnight Raven is about Kat.  Was there a conscious choice about who each book focused on?  Or did the characters decide for you?

The characters really decided it for me. Kat is a secondary character in Hunting. She really is just the resident bitch. So I felt the need to re visit her, find out why she was the way she was. I just couldn’t let her go. And if you read The River Liffey, you know Kat’s story does not have a happy ending.  But she really grew into the key for a lot of the series.

  • I like Kat already.  She sounds like fun.  So…a series and a short story.  What are we going to see from you in the future?  Anything completely unexpected?

Oh yah. (laughs) After this series I have two other books already in the works, and they are totally different.  They kind of switch gears. One is a timely look at a father and son separated by war and time. And the other, well that one is really personal and I will just keep it as a surprise for now.

  • Good.  I love surprises.  Let’s turn to you for a minute.  You have a very popular blog.  (http://www.beccab8.blogspot.co.uk/) If you could interview one person, who would it be and why? (We’d all love to be there :-))

Oh boy, I have had the privilege to talk to a lot of  great Indie authors on my blog who have really influenced me and opened doors for me in a lot of ways. Terri Giuliano Long (In Leah’s Wake), Emlyn Chand, (Farsighted, Torn Together), Kate Evangelista (Taste) and the ones right in Write More Publications like you and Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft. I would love to interview you all.  If I could interview one person in particular it would be Stephanie Myer. And not just to be gushing over Twilight, I want to see how fame has changed her. What she thinks of the whole process and this revolution of readers that has come out of the woodwork. It would be an interesting conversation.

  • You hear that Stephanie Myer?  We want that interview!  Alright Rebecca, the nitty gritty.  What inspires you?

Everyday life. Music. Music is really big in my writing process. As weird as it sounds, my tough times have inspired me.

  • I hear that.  There’s nothing like a dark moment in life to spur you on.  So life, in general, inspires you.  What about work?  Does it ever get in the way?  Are you a full-time or part-time writer?  How does that affect your writing?

Well, I am a full time mom. That is my main job. But I am a full time writer in the sense that I don’t have a day job. My life is pretty full with my children, my youngest son is Autistic and advocating for him is my first priority. I do a lot of my work when my kids are finally in bed, I seem to find my muse at night.

  • I get that.  Autism can be difficult for a child, especially when other kids don’t understand.  I have family members who have Aspergers so I understand the weight of that responsibility.  I admire your advocating and all the work you put into promoting understanding.
  • Okay, we’re going to flip here from the series to the fun.  Do you have a light side or a dark side?

Oh boy, in all honesty I think a little bit of both. My dark side comes out in Midnight Raven that is for sure.

  • If your book were made into a movie, who do you picture playing each characters part?

I think I would want an unknown to play my characters. I really can’t picture anyone out there right now that could step in and really jump out at me. Although I think Bradley Cooper would make a good Daemon.

  • Ooh, Bradley Cooper! Good choice.  He makes this next question completely relevant.  How do you get past writers block or distractions like the internet? (and Bradley Cooper :-))

My main distraction is myself. When I am in a mood I can’t write. And that is the worse. I have so many projects started and outlined I could write for three years.

  • That’s the curse of a writer.  Never done.  Always more to do.  And I completely agree.  I’m the same…in a strop or an emotional wreck and not a word gets written.

Well, thanks so much for joining us Rebecca.  It’s been a blast.  Good luck with the released of Novel Hearts, and Hunting the Moon.  We’ll all be waiting on tender hooks to go buy a copy.


On behalf of Elaine and your readers, thank you!


Novel Hearts is available to buy now, from Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Novel-Hearts-Publications-Valentines-Anthology/dp/0615770916/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361271499&sr=8-1&keywords=novel+hearts+elaine+white


Hunting the Moon is Coming Soon by WMP.

Want to learn more about Novel Hearts and its authors?  Head on over to the WMP website – http://www.writemorepublications.com/Novel-Hearts.htm

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