Review : The Colorado Kid

The Colorado Kid is the first Stephen King novel I can remember reading. I wanted to read it the minute I saw the TV show Haven, and saw that it was based on The Colorado Kid.

I hate stories without endings. At least in novels. Yet, I’ve happily read and enjoyed not only this book but also The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: A Shocking Murder and the Undoing of a Great Victorian Detective, which is also based on a true story, and which also does not give a satisfying ending. However, I love the Afterword here, by Stephen King, where he reminds us all that life is the ultimate mystery, and there are just some things that not only will never be solved, but perhaps shouldn’t be solved.

I’m a major fan of Conspiracy Theories; reading about them anyhow. Marilyn Monroe, JFK, UFO’s, Jack the Ripper are all within my interest; cases that are mysterious, curious, intriguing and yet, probably never fully solvable. No matter how many people investigate Marilyn Monroe or JFK’s death, no matter how many scientific investigations are done on UFO sightings, we can never be really sure what the final answer is. Or if it will be found in our lifetime. And I love that.

I loved everything about The Colorado Kid. I loved the no answer, I loved the suspense, I loved Stephanie, Dave and Vincent. I loved it all. Though vastly different from Haven, and the whole Audrey storyline, which is even more mysterious, I think I like this book better. It’s more real, more tangible and gnaws at my brain more than any supernatural phenomenon like the Troubles ever could.

2 thoughts on “Review : The Colorado Kid

  1. I’ve been doubting whether to read the book as I heard how vastly different it is from the series. Now I shall have to put it on my to read list. Thanks for reminding me. Emmy

    1. No problem. I’m glad I could help. It basically has nothing at all to do with Haven. The only similarity is the two newspaper men and the town. Everything else is different. But still a very good read either way.

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