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I know I’ve kind of been showering you guys with post after post after post. 💡  I’m trying to keep things interesting but I’ve decided to limit myself to two posts a day.

One I’ll post in the morning, and the other in the afternoon.  I’ll also be doing a few reviews of books this month and next, as I’ve finally got my reading mojo back.  Now to get my writing mojo back…to do that, I need to spend less time getting distracted by the internet…and yes, this even includes my lovely, lovely blog.

But do not fear! I am not disappearing.  I’m limiting myself to 2 blogs a day, and a five minute visit to check for comments etc randomly throughout the day when I’m on a writing break.

I just got a new book in, about names throughout the ages, right from the dark ages, so I’m sure it will spark off some inspiration to get my writing back on track.

Thanks for understand, and if you don’t 😈  Only joking 🙂

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