Review: Poetry In Motion

This review is of the poetry book Poetry in Motion, by Simone Frances Reed.

poetry in motion

This poetry book is different from the others. The moment you open a page and start reading, it’s like stepping into Reed’s head and heart. It’s like seeing the raw emotion, with no shields or barriers to protect her.

The poem ‘But…(Conflict in our Souls)’ is a gut wrenching step into the conflict of a love you feel but know isn’t any good for you or your partner:

“We fight. We scream. We hit. We bleed. We cry. We kiss. We touch. We love. We give in.”
“You try to lose me. You try to break me. You try to hurt me. You try to demean me. You try to leave me alone.

You feel the tug and pull, the inevitability of it all. You know how impossible it feels, but strangely how right and at the same time, how utterly wrong.

A few of her poems on reaching and teaching the little girl inside of her, on letting that little girl be hugged and loved and have what was taken from her really hit your heart.  You want to scoop up that inner child and hug her into oblivion to show her how kind and considerate some people can be.

Reed pours a wealth of life experience, knowledge and discovery into her words. Each poem is brutally honest and personal. There is no way you can read it and not feel like you’ve just sat down with Reed and had the most brutally open heart to heart, sharing emotions from the depth of each heart.

A recommended read, whether you like poetry that rhymes or poetry that doesn’t.  Whether you aren’t a poetry fan or not, you should read this.  It might help, it might teach, you might learn.  You will definitely feel.

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