Book Review: The Transylvania Flying Squad of Detectives

17337630Just a few pages into this story, I was sitting going ‘WOW, this is amazing’. It’s such an original, unique take on the whole supernatural world. So here’s a bit about the story, then we’ll get into what I thought –

The story starts with an intriguing and interesting recap of another person’s tale, Major Green. It is meant for a guide for Tom Flynn, who is being sent to war. It tells of how the Germans captured Major Green and tried to convince him, during recovery of retrograde Amnesia, that he was a German spy in the British camp. Tom is in the middle of the war 1944, when he’s killed. When he arrives in Britannia, a Realm of Purgatory, he believes that Germans have set up an elaborate plot to confuse him.

However, Tom soon realises that he’s not been captured by the Germans and it isn’t all a ploy. With his skills, he’s sent to work in the The Transylvania Flying Squad of Detectives, a police department located in the Realm of Britannia, Transylvania City, where the deep dark souls live. Vampires, werewolves, goblins and witches run amok in Transylvania City and Tom is the newest member of the police force there.

Intriguing isn’t it? Well, it only gets better. Because Tom arrives in the middle of a little conundrum. Strange things are going on and even the police captain Red, doesn’t understand what’s happening. Can Tom figure it out?

The blurb for this book hints at ‘one of the worst villains throughout all history’. With the title of this book, you would assume that this meant Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, both of whom are mentioned throughout the story. However, this isn’t right. The villain is much more mysterious and more of a surprise when you come across their name and history.

What I loved about this book was that the supernatural aspect, while mentioned a lot and the basis for the atmosphere, scenery etc, was actually the secondary story. First and foremost the Transylvania Flying Squad of Detectives is a detective novel and murder mystery. It had me engrossed the whole way through, never knowing who or what people were of if they were who or what they said they were. Overall, a fascinating, intriguing story. In my opinion, it was left open for more to come and I can’t wait.

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