Author Interview: Simone Frances Reed

Okay guys, here’s the second in our series of Interviews.  This time we’re chatting with author Simone, who wrote the great poetry book Poetry in Motion.  More on that at the end.



Hi Simone, thank you so much for being here.

Let’s start with the book.  Tell us a bit about Poetry in Motion.  The poems have a very personal, exposed feel.  Is it all imagination or personal experience? Or is it a mixture of both?

  • Simone: It is a mixture of both. Like “Ethereal Love” is a fantasy about Faeries. I’ve not been a Faerie, not as far as I can remember, so I just went off of imagination with that one.  But then there is the poem called “Too Soon (Lesson’s Learned)” that was based off of a true and hurtful experience.

Being an Indie author is hard.  What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

  • Simone: Word of mouth always has been and always will be the best advertisement. If they like the book then tell a friend, write a review, blog, facebook or twitter about it. Get the word out there that you like it, especially if it has helped you in any way heal or deal with things in your life, share the healing.

I found your book so touching, and very therapeutic.  What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?  Do you write any novels?

  • Simone: I am working on my next book of poetry because writing about my feelings comes easier and faster than writing a novel. But I do have 3 novels in the works. One is supernaturally based, one is a basic romance, and then there is my WIP that I am keeping quiet about because the muses told me to. I have no idea which of those will come out first, but I know the next poetry book should be out soon.

I can’t wait to read it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s called.  Poetry in Motion is such a great title.  How did you come up with it?

  • Simone: Well a long time ago back when yahoo messenger was all the rage, lol, my screen name was poetry in motion. I have no idea where it came from, how it came to me or why it came to me. It was just there in my mind. So when I was first approached with the prospect of compiling my poetry into a book a friend suggested I use “Poetry In Motion” instead of my famous “Reed My Heart”. And thus the book was born.

I love Reed My Heart as a title.  It’s very creative just like your writing.  Can you remember one of the first things you wrote? What makes it memorable?

  • Simone: I honestly cannot remember. I’ve written so much and for so long that it’s hard to remember the first set of anything. Lol. I will tell you that the most memorable of the ones in the book is the very first one, “Most Importantly (I Love You)” I wrote that when a neighbor had lost her husband. But I wrote it based on my feelings when my Grandmommy passed away the 6 years before. It’s about the truth of emotions and thoughts running through your head when someone you love has passed. People might not want to admit it, but I believe we all want to scream at people that they have no idea! So I just wrote what I was feeling and thinking. And because that one was so personal is what makes it most memorable.

With such creativity, what is your writing environment like?  Do you write with a pen and paper, or on a computer?  Do you need quiet, or music in the background?  Do you have anyone who gets in on the act?

  • Simone: I used to write with pen and paper, but since I’ve discovered the bliss of typing I do that instead. When on the computer the words flow easier and in a faster rhythm so as to actually keep up with my head.  As for quiet? Haha! If I had quiet when writing these things I wouldn’t be able to think. Lol. Writing for me usually starts with a song and the emotion it evokes. Sometimes it starts with the emotion, but the song pops in my head and then everything just clicks. I absolutely need music to write. There are those rare moments when the muses are adamant and the words come with or without music.
  • I write completely by myself. Then when I am done I might let my mom read it because she helps me decipher the feelings better sometimes. And if there is something off and she has a point then I will reassess and change what needs to be changed. That kind of situation is where “On My Own” came from. My mother reading one of my poems and telling me it was crap. It pissed me off because I had thought it was good. So out comes the frustration and there you go. The one she referred to as “crap” never made it into the book. Lol.

LOL, speaking of crap, have you ever written something you absolutely hate?

  • Simone: I had started a few novels when I had decided to write some and they were crappy. I was trying so hard that they came out all wrong. So I deleted them. It wasn’t until I decided to write my supernatural novel that everything just clicked. There are probably some poems I couldn’t stand after writing them, but it’s so rare that I’m not able to remember.

Your poems are really diverse in theme and emotion.  What inspires you?

  • Simone: Life and love of reading. It’s as simple as that. When I stopped running from myself and denying who I am then everything became my inspiration. Life is painful and life is beautiful, but most importantly life can be learned from. Reading and writing can help you do those things.

Life is painful and beautiful.  That’s very true.  With that, are you a full-time or part-time writer?  How does that affect your writing?

  • Simone: I am a full time writer. Since my accident when I was 21, I have not been able to work a physical job and have been hit with hard times. But writing really is my salvation so to speak. It keeps me sane and helps me understand myself and life better. Novels or poems, they both help me heal from what life has dealt me. And I feel blessed to be able to write full time. Even if I were to find a physical job, writing would still come first. Without it no one would want to be around me, it’s not pretty. Lol.

I’m sure that’s not true 🙂 That leads us nicely into whether you have a light side or a dark side?

  • Simone: I have both. I know that I have a dark side that can really get twisted, but it isn’t ready to come out yet. It may come out in my poems because emotions can be very dark, but as for my novels? I’m not quite there yet.

How do you get past writers block or distractions like the internet?

  • Simone: I have no clue. If it hits me then I just wait it out. I try to write something and it usually comes out crappy. So I just let the distractions like the internet, movies, books, television, I let it all take hold and wait for inspiration to come back. I also crochet and knit when I am not able to write. As long as I am doing something creative then I tend to be okay.

And now, before you go, how about a snippet from your book or an upcoming work, that is meant to intrigue and tantalize us:

  • Simone: Absolutely. This poem is from my book, Poetry In Motion, and it’s actually one of my favorites.

Silence is Deceiving

By Simone Frances Reed

(©2012 Simone Frances Reed)

One single solitary note resonating from one simple cord on the instrument of my heart

A melody echoing through the blood red fields of dreams long since forgotten

Fingers play so eloquently over all other strings

Bringing to life a sorrowful song of pain

A heartache unknown to anyone but myself

A breathtaking soliloquy of harmonies

Made to touch ones heart

But that ultimately breaks it

The heavens weep for the life so broken

The clouds darken and the sky rumbles

Lights flash in a show only the Angels can enjoy

The winds pick up every note and disguise it in silence

To the outside world it sounds as if I’m done

Like the strings are still

And the pain has stopped

But here in my own silent bubble the melody plays on

It is a never ending sound

It haunts my days and plagues my nights

It has its hold on me and won’t let go

It has a life of its own

It won’t be denied the voice it found

It isn’t here for the pleasure of others

It plays only for itself

When all other sounds have faded

Been swept up and carried off into the wind

The melody my violin produces from my heart will live and sound forever in those who know its sorrow

Those who’ve felt its pain

And lived its rejection

Each solitary string’s sound is beautiful

But when touched together

The masterpiece is astounding

But if touched incorrectly

It can be unforgiving and hateful

Music, like life, can be beautiful if played right

But otherwise it is traumatic and detrimental to one’s heart

Flaws and all, my music heals my heart

It is the expression of who I am

And the Angels rejoice in my voice

As I play only for those who choose to hear

On behalf of Elaine and your readers, thank you!

  • Simone: Thank you for having me.

You can buy Simone’s book here – http://stores.tutorturtlepress.com/-strse-118/Poetry-In-Motion/Detail.bok – and if you leave a note when ordering, you can even get it signed!

If you buy the book, or if you’ve already read it, please, please review it…anywhere.  Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords or the website where you bought it.  Indie authors survive on reviews and they help so so so much.  Thanks guys.

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