Book Review – Beautiful Redemption

This review is for Book 4 in the Caster Chronicles.

Here be spoilers!

CC Bk4★★★☆☆

Okay, I hate to say this, but I was disappointed with this book. Here’s why –

  • Ethan has always been the POV for these books. Everything has always been seen through him. I think dividing the book up between Lena’s POV and Ethan’s was probably a good idea, considering how they went about it, but for me, it didn’t work. I missed Ethan every time we were with Lena, who turned into a whining brat again.
  • I was disappointed that Ethan Carter Wate wasn’t reunited with Genevieve.
  • Sarafine, Hunting and Angelus’ deaths were kind of anti-climactic considering all the trouble they had caused.
  • There was no mention of the after effects that putting so many Casts onto Mitchell Wate should have caused.
  • There was no mention of whether Mitchell finished the Eighteenth Moon book he was working on.
  • What happened to Lilian English?
  • We never found out what the resolution to Marian’s trial was, because Macon said, after they rescued her and got her back to the library, that they would have to wait a while for judgement. It never came.
  • We know Amma’s bargain, but we don’t get to find out what Sulla saw in her cards, as a child. Was it that she tore a hole in the universe? Was it that she would lose Ethan? Or was it that she would have to swap places with Ethan eventually?
  • And why did Amma suddenly show up at the Wate’s when Ethan was born. I guess it was because she knew all along that she would have to save him, but that doesn’t make sense if his future was rewritten. Was it because Lila was a Keeper and she knew it was dangerous? Was it because she knew Lila and Macon’s relationship would lead to trouble? Or was it because she knew Lila would die?
  • We’re never told, through the series, if Liv and John suffer the same effects as Lena and Ethan. That they can or cannot touch each other without consequences, like all Casters and Mortals. Since Rid said that she and Link couldn’t be together because of it, when she was mortal and he was an Incubus, I guess Liv and John would have been the same. But then, there’s no mention in this book if Liv and John can now touch without consequences, as Ethan and Lena can. The whole Rid and Link thing was solved when she was back to being Dark, but Liv and John are never explained.
  • We get no real explanation of why Abraham made John, except that he thought a powerful hybrid would destroy the Mortals. How? How was Abraham going to use him? Who were his parents?
  • The bokor threatened Macon for interfering in Amma’s bargain with him, and it sounded as if he was going to see it through, even after Macon showed his powers. However, this is never revisited. We don’t know if the bokor would see it through, or if Macon managed to scare him off.

    I hate a book with unanswered questions. It makes things really confusing. I would get it if there was another book, or a follow up series with Link and Rid as the centre characters but there’s no hint or mention of that anywhere I can find.

    As for what I liked about this book, it won’t take long to say. I love Link, and his relationship with Ridley, which I always have through the series. I liked John and Liv, Macon and Ethan. I really liked Xavier and I loved the way that Abraham died. I liked that Genevieve got in on the action with the book as well. But that’s about it. I liked the way Ethan tried to communicate, through the crossword too.

    Overall, for me, this book was a bit repetitive and uninformative. I have a million unanswered questions about it and although it was never thrown in your face in the other books, even though you noticed it, in this book it’s plain that the formula is – one person dies, they get to come back, but if they do, someone else dies in their place. I get that you don’t get something for nothing, but something a little more original and different would have been nice. To be honest, I would have liked it had they left the story ending at Ethan’s death.

    I gave it three stars because the series was fantastic, and I love the characters still, but in this book, the overall storyline just didn’t work for me. It was just too repetitive and didn’t accomplish much, except getting rid of the bad guys in an unusual and strange way.  It kills me to give this only 3 stars after the others in the series were so special, but unfortunately, this one didn’t grab me at all.  And that’s sad.

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