Secrets of Avelina: Background SS : Alexander

Natalie couldn’t help but thumb through one of the books that had just been delivered after they had been mis-ordered a few days before. Alexander had walked into the shop and with Billy following her around the shop again, however much she secretly enjoyed it, he’d mentioned the tattoo on his hand and it bothered her so much, that she still hadn’t taken the time to research it, she turned straight to the bookcase behind her and found the book she was most likely to find it in. She realised that the part that bothered her most about it, was that an oval was such a simple symbol, seen all over the place, everyday and she wanted to know what was so significant about it. “Well, what does it say?” Billy asked, wrapping his arms around her waist as he looked over her shoulder at the various drawings on the page, surrounded by Latin and Greek text.

“Let’s see…it’s called a Vesica Piscus.” She began softly, missing out the nonsense in between that neither one of them really needed or wanted to know.
“Yeah, English Nat.” He sighed in disapproval, resting his head against the back of hers, sad that his friends were still criticizing their relationship with a complete lack of tact or care as to what it would do to Natalie to know it.
“It says it symbolises resurrection in Christian terminology…” She explained briefly, smiling to herself when he began to play with her hair, even though he was keeping her from her work and completely distracting her in everything she did. But Kaitlin didn’t seem to mind either, glad that one of them was having some luck in the love department, regardless of how many men Kaitlin was close to and had drooling over her. “…and is thought to be an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbolizing a doorway or the gate of birth. But this is interesting…in Art, Vesica is a pointed oval shape used in medieval art and sculpture, especially to enclose a figure of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary.”
“So it’s a religious thing?” Billy wondered, already confused, though not really caring.
“I think so…I’m not sure.” She shrugged softly, placing the book back onto the shelf before slowly turning in his arms with a gentle smile, wrapping her arms around his neck as she gazed up at him, the mischievous look in her eyes making him smile in wonder of what she was planning. “Kiss me.” She asked in a whisper, an intrigued arch of the eyebrows combining Billy’s approving smile as he kissed her lingeringly, not caring about how many people were in the shop or why, just that he’d finally got Natalie to be his girl and he knew that nothing else mattered but that.

“Now…can you get away for lunch, or am I gonna have to share you with Kaitlin?” He asked, gently brushing his fingers through her hair.
“That depends.” Natalie answered honestly, biting her lower lip guiltily as she thought about it logically. “Alex is hovering which means he wants to see Kaitlin, but it isn’t important. Which either means that it might turn out to be important once he gets to talk it over with her, or he’s just here to drool over her.” She shrugged, standing on her tip toes as she kissed him tenderly. “I’ll go find out, then I can give you an answer.” She promised, slipping back from his arms as she crossed over to Alex, who hadn’t been near Kaitlin since two days before, and who could only try to sneak a peak through to the back room from where he stood, unable to gather up the courage to go through to see her. “Alex…” She called over, another hooded jacket keeping his face covered and she wondered why he had to keep hiding himself from everyone.

“Hi Natalie…is she in?” He wondered, sounding suspicious and altogether too eager to see her boss than he should have been. Kaitlin had told her how he had been ordered to back off and give her a life, even though she’d gone on to admit that she knew he had certain feelings for her that she was never going to return. And it was the last admission that made her so suspicious of the bodyguard, who just couldn’t seem to leave his charge alone, regardless of the direct and demanding order that he’d been given.
“She’s just gone in with someone. Well…” Natalie giggled to herself, still on a slight high from her morning coffee break, her bosses bad habits rubbing off on her. “Two someone’s. One about your age, one mine…I dunno what for though, she didn’t say.” She rambled nervously, finding that no matter how many times she met him, she was never able to keep her nerves in check as his need to be hidden from the world scared her a little, though she’d never admit to it.

“Two guys?” Alexander asked, worried that his idiot brother had done something stupid and ordered someone in his command to take Kaitlin for whatever deal those teenage boys were planning on using her for. “What did they look like? Did they have anything on them?” He asked hurriedly, grabbing her shoulders in a way that neither she or Billy liked as he continued to glance back at the room Kaitlin occupied before glancing down at Natalie, demanding an answer.
“I don’t know…let me go Alex.” She begged, trying not to cause a scene as a few customers stared at them. And because he already scared her so much, she chose to tell him what she knew, without giving him the name she‘d clearly heard Kaitlin using for her customer. “She seemed to know one guy…they hugged and she looked happy to see him… You’re hurting me, let me go.” She pleaded with him again until Billy came over and ripped Alex’s hands from her shoulder.

“Jesus man, what is wrong with you?” He asked as Natalie moved into his arms, scared and hurt but unwilling to admit it or even cry, purely because there were customers. But he didn‘t care who was there, he wasn‘t going to let some guy hurt his girlfriend, for any reason and especially not when all she had done was try to be nice to him. Nothing was going to hurt his girl now and definitely not some overly jealous bodyguard who was in love with his bosses daughter. “I think you should leave.” He ordered gruffly, trying to control his temper.
“Natalie…what’s going on?” Kaitlin called out as she emerged from the curtained off area, to see Alex red-faced, opposite a furious Billy who held his girlfriend in his arms. “What happened?”
“It’s nothing, I took care of it.” Billy sighed, knowing that Kaitlin had enough on her hands without dealing with her jealous bodyguard who’d hurt one of her closest friends. “But he needs to go before I kill him.” He admitted, running his hand over Natalie’s hair soothingly as she buried her face in his shoulder.
“Look I didn’t mean it.” Alexander defended himself suddenly, turning to Kaitlin for understanding which she was in no mood to give him.
“Get out Alex. I can’t deal with you right now.”

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