Which Runaway Girl character are you? – Boys

Here are the rules – answer each question honestly, and tally up the scores in brackets to get your number. Once you’re done, read who your number result says you are. 😀 Leave a comment with your result.

1. You are entrusted with a secret mission. Do you…

  • agree instantly. You would do anything for your master (5)
  • send someone else to fulfil the task for you (3)
  • require a good reason before agreeing (4)
  • refuse because you don’t want the responsibility (2)

2. You are exploited by your master for your talents. Do you…

  • do what needs done because people depend on you (3)
  • ask for help in completing the task; it’s too much for one person (2)
  • let him know the cost, politely, but continue your task (5)
  • require extra rest between tasks because it drains you (4)

3. You have to fight an old friend. Will you…

  • fight to the death, friend or not. You do not fight needlessly. (3)
  • fight to the best of your abilities to prove which of you is better (2)
  • evaluate all possible outcomes and choose the most successful (5)
  • show leniency unless it becomes kill or be killed (4)

4. Are you…

  • kind, powerful and brave (3)
  • strong, wilful and talented (5)
  • loyal to a fault, friendly and playful (4)
  • occasionally selfish and unkind, but good hearted (2)

5. Do you find yourself…

  • slipping in and out of selfish behaviour, thinking only of yourself (2)
  • following orders even when they clash with your moral compass (5)
  • feeling tired and inadequate for the job, old and useless (3)
  • enjoying life, but always haunted by secrets and the past (4)

1-12 – You are Matthew

Matthew is the kind but often misguided son, always standing in his father’s shadow. He feels as though he had to prove himself most days, and the others he finds himself far too focused on himself. His love and need for Kasey to stand by him stems from his feelings of inadequacy. He is a good fighter and a good man, but he longs to be more than just ‘good’ at everything.

13-17 – You are Lucius

Lucius is the one who considers himself beyond use. He feels that he is growing too old and tired of the job of being master of the clan. He looks to young blood to take over from him, but it is difficult for him to choose between his daughter and his son. He feels that he has nothing more to offer and must rely on his trusted soldier, Damian, to lead the clan into new days.

18-21 – You are Trey

The perpetual joker, Trey is often seen as the laid back, class clown. But he knows the deep dark secrets of Damian’s soul and how often his friend is tormented by the past. He keeps Damian’s secrets and stands by his side, no matter what. He is the most loyal, genuine character of the bunch. Often to a fault. But he would never consider anything he does for Damian, to be too much. Damian saved Trey from years of loneliness and solitude, he saved him from a human death, and a loveless life. And in return, Trey is a constant reminder of the love Damian once had, and the life he left behind.

22-25 – You are Damian

There is no more tortured soul than Damian. But beyond all the darkness that has shrouded him over the centuries, he remains upbeat and loyal to those who inspire loyalty. He trusts Trey and Lucius with his life, even when they put it at risk. He trusts his abilities and his instincts more than any order. Though he will follow any order Lucius gives him, beyond reason, beyond explanation. He takes his job as soldier and protect of the Master of the clan very seriously.

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