Book Review – The Students Sold Us Secrets

***I was given a copy of this book by the author, for the purpose of this review***

Book – The Students Sold Us Secrets
Author – Lee J Marvin
Star rating – ★★★★☆

Would I read it again – Yes
Plot – Well organised, intriguing and disturbing
Characters – individual, intriguing, scary
Movie Potential – Yes
Ease of reading – Very easy, good flow

The first line will have you hooked!

Let’s start with the bad things – There is a minor issue in that no matter how I format my Kindle, side on or right way up, the last line of the Warning is missing. There are also a few spelling errors or extra words that usually happen when engrossed in writing. I do this all the time, when I write, and it doesn’t interrupt the flow or understanding.

Onto the good – I took on a teaching job for mandatory 6th year community service, helping with a class of 1st and 3rd years (UK) and I have to admit, that my students were exactly the kind described in this book. ‘Poison tongue’ doesn’t quite cut it. The scary thing about these stories is that the kids are so smart, and so manipulative. Just like the real kids in a classroom. I thought the Samurai story was especially clever as well as the Mathematics story.

As a wheelchair user I really enjoyed ‘Wheelchair Access’. I faced the same problem at school with no access to classes. We had a four story tower, that was entirely inaccessible. However, I only had the wheelchair for muscle weakness so I was able to build up my strength and climb the stairs when I felt able. If I hadn’t been able to do this, I definitely would have tried anything to improve the school and get the access I needed.

Every story is very cleverly planned and written. There were only a few that I was able to guess at, which was great. Over all, the stories are dark, disturbing and clever. They are very heavily influenced by the Japanese horror style, and remind me very much of Battle Royale. The entire book was really good. It definitely sucks you in and has you looking over your shoulder, checking it’s safe, paranoid that there are ‘students’ hovering around to spy on you. I can’t wait for book 2.

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