The Wonder of Harry Potter – Book 3

When we come to Book 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I have to admit that I love Sirius and Lupin. I think they’re brilliant as characters and as role models. They both have their flaws, shown very obviously on their sleeve. Neither cares what other people think of them, neither show a false pretence about being better than others or worse. They both accept their place in life, their choices and the things that have happened to them. Even when those things have changed their entire world.

I love the complexity of the story and I am sure that everyone’s wishes they had a time turner of their own. To go back and change events in their past, even knowing that it could change their future. I think it’s important that even Dumbledore, a man with extraordinary power and responsibility, can see that saving two lives in one action, is more important than just saying one. Not because he is saving two lives, but because he knows that by saving both, he can bring happiness and relief and joy to others. Saving Buckbeak is, essentially, the only way of successfully saving Sirius. It just goes to show, as well, that nothing is ever as it seems. Harry, Ron and Hermione, all thought they saw Buckbeak’s execution, and yet they were able to go back with the time turner and see that they were wrong. They saw what they expected to see. Just like Ron with his rat, Scabbers. You get given a rat by your family, and you expect it to be a rat. You don’t sit and wonder if it’s your enemy in Animagus form.

What I really love about this book, is the way that Ron sticks by Harry no matter what. Their friendship is the epitome of a Bro-mance, and it’s one of the most well done male best friend relationships I’ve read. I also love that no matter what happens, no matter what book you’re on, the relationship between Ron and Hermione just gets better and better. And you know, without a doubt, that they’re meant to be together. I think that the relationships through the Harry Potter series are by far the most important lesson we can all learn. Trust, loyalty, compassion, understanding – these are all things that the main characters feel for each other. Even when they’re screaming at each other, or hate each other, aren’t speaking to each other, underneath it all, they still love and trust each other and they are always loyal to their friends, no matter what.

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