The Wonder of Harry Potter – Book 4

Book 4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, was like a revolution for Harry Potter, in my opinion. Bringing in new characters and new wizard schools was a stroke of genius for J.K. Rowling. It brought new challenges for Harry, and again, like Book 3 (Prisoner of Azkaban), there wasn’t so much of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named throughout the story. There were only small mentions and nowhere near the focus of Books 1 and 2 (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets).

The Goblet of Fire always breaks my heart. Someone Harry trusts and thinks is on his side, is out to hurt him. The one thing he doesn’t want to happen – the return of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named – happens and he can’t stop it. Cedric, a guy Harry has come to like and appreciate, gets killed because he’s a ‘spare’. He doesn’t get the girl. His best friend hates him, even for a little time. Some mad woman of a reporter is spreading lies about him and he can’t be with the one parental figure he most wants to be with. The Goblet of Fire is the most heartbreaking, heart wrenching story in the Harry Potter series so far. And that’s what makes it so brilliant. Because life is not always fair, people die for no reason, when you don’t want them to. Things happen, beyond your control, and they ruin everything. The Goblet of Fire is definitely a book about growing up, becoming an adult and accepting that, in some things, there can’t be a happy ending. There are some things in life that you have to learn the hard way.

It’s a journey of trusting yourself, trusting your gut, knowing who your friends are, trusting your friends, not letting petty grievances get in your way and overall – the importance of friendship. Without Harry’s friendship with Ron, Hermione, Dobby, Hagrid, Sirius and Dumbledore, even Neville, he would surely never have survived his first year at Hogwarts, let alone the Twiwizard Tournament. I love that Harry Potter books give you a great read, some fun, some laughs, some tears and some pain, but while teaching you about life, yourself, and so much more.

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