The Wonder of Harry Potter – Book 6

By the time we reach Book 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the series is clearly drawing to a conclusion. Everything now is about destroying He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. In the movie series, this was the one I was most disappointed in. There was nothing about the Half Blood Prince, who and what or why about it in the movie, other than the name of the film and the name in a potions book that Harry used. Surely it wouldn’t have taken that long for Hermione to claim she had found information in the library and explain that Prince, was Snape’s mothers’ wizard family’s name. It’s not that hard.

This, however, is where the book took off. The story was great, the expansion and evolution of characters was just as good as the other books. Harry struggles to separate his desires and choose what is more important, a dilemma echoed in the Deathly Hallows. What is more important? Following Draco and discovering what he’s up to or getting a memory from Slughorn? In Harry’s mind, Draco’s actions are enough to cause suspicion and warrant immediate investigation. Turns out, he was right. However, Dumbledore knew things that Harry didn’t, like his fate after his hand was blackened, and so he needed Harry to focus solely upon the memory, because he didn’t have much time left to help him decipher it and give him all the information. This, if any, would have been an instance for using a time turner. Be with Dumbledore and the Pensieve one moment, turn the time turner and then go back and follow Draco. Unfortunately for Harry, this wasn’t possible and Dumbledore didn’t have enough time to explain everything to him that he needed to know.

The fact that Harry has to stand idly by, never knowing or fully understanding the things he sees throughout his whole Hogwarts career, but especially when Dumbledore dies, is tragic. If he only knew and understood what he was seeing, as he understands at the end of the Deathly Hallows. To me, Ginny is the shining light in this book. Her relationship with Harry is lovely and you know that she’s the one for him, as she’s always been, he just never knew it. I love how strong she is, to let Harry go off and do what needs done, without questioning him. She lets him break up with her because she knows it’s for the best, because she knows it’s his way of keeping her safe. The whole book just breaks my heart.

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