Pay It Forward

So this year I’ve been trying to pay it forward as best as I can. I’ve been busy and my health isn’t great so that’s put a damper on some of the things I had planned but we’re doing it anyway.

This week of blogs is for you. I will only be reblogging this week.

If you want to advertise, do it here. Leave a comment with your blog link, Facebook page, Twitter account, Google + anything at all that you want your audience to see. I’ll pass it on. All my blog posts are sent automatically to my Twitter account and Facebook Author page as well, so there’s no saying what might happen.

This week is for you! So give me your comments, give me your page links and I will pass them on to everyone I know. If you want to leave one link per comment, that’s fine. If you want to leave a list of links in the comments, that’s fine too. I will like all Facebook pages I come across, as well as advertising them on my Facebook Author Page. I will follow anyone on Twitter who leaves their link. You don’t have to follow back, but it’d be nice.

2013 is the year to get it done! It’s been a crappy year so far, considering the way the world is going, but if we can improve it, even just one person at a time then I’ll take it.

On Sunday, I’ll put a blog post together, organising websites, blogs, Twitter accounts etc, so that everyone can see what there is and do their bit to help by following, liking and reblogging too.

Let’s get started…

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