Of Novels and Werewolves

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Marlena Frank

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an update of my writing progress. Mostly because when I’ve been getting my writing in, I haven’t had much time to do blog updates (Aka I get lazy). Lots of fun home improvement stuff has been going on lately though, which has been a ton of fun. We got the flowerbed all planted and even got some compost, soil, and mulch spread. It’s simply that time of the year again, you know how that goes. Plus we’ve picked up a ton of home improvement stuff the last couple of weeks. Everything from artwork to curtains to bits of furniture. I guess we just get in the mood to update our abode, oh, once every year or so.

I’m not quite happy with my ending on Madam Cloom’s Garden, but it’ll work until I end up revisiting it for edits in the not-too-distant…

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