Author Interview : Amber White

So you’ve had a cover reveal for Amber’s new novel ‘Tonight the World Dies’ and now we are lucky to have Amber joining us for an Interview! –

  • Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? Why did you go with that particular image/artwork?

Theresa did all the placement but the pictures were provided by me. My friend Kat Sky, who appears in the front cover, took that picture of herself, and I took the back cover photo. I had decided to use those photos because they were the most moving of the pictures taken during that shoot.

  • Who has most influenced your writing and why?

I think my friends have. True, I get inspiration from TV, books, movies, and games, but ultimately it’s my friends who have helped shape me and my writing. If something doesn’t make sense, they let me know, etc.

  • How do you get past writers block or distractions like the internet?

Word Wars. I’ll get online with a friend, and we’ll set a time to start and how long to write for and just go. For example, just the other day I had be having trouble coming up with something to write, so my friend and I did an hour long ‘word war’, took a 15 minute break, then did another 45 minutes.

The internet is much more tricky, but I just peel myself away and start writing once an idea comes floating past.

(Note: A word war is where you set a time to write, and whoever writes the most words during that time frame wins)

  • What are your writing rituals?

I have none, really. I just write when the mood strikes.

  • Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?

I’ve actually written one more novel with the characters in Tonight The World Dies, but other than that, most of the time my characters only have one story to tell me. I love writing zombie novels though. I’ve written 4 so far, and am planning another one.

  • What book are you reading right now?

Halfway to the Grave by Jeanine Frost. A friend suggested it to me, and it’s pretty good.

  • How did you choose the title? Has it been the title from the very beginning?

It came from the last line in the book. I had been thinking about that name since I started writing it, but the ending really moved that title to the top of the list.

  • Do you have a favorite character that you created? Who is it and why is it your favorite?

I love Jo and Billy. They’re both very random girls, who are very strong. They aren’t the typical girls you see in horror most of the time, who run around like chickens.

  • Describe your current projects.

Right now I’m working on a continuation of the series for Tonight the World Dies. This particular novel is about a character mentioned briefly in the first novel.

Thanks for joining us Amber. We can’t wait to get reading your new novel.

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