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Vampire Lover Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for this new amazing award – Vampire Lover Blog Award – by the great Francis from

You can read all the rules here –

For each award there are rules for acceptance; the main distinction, however, is in how many nominations you make.

The Vampire Lover Blog Award rules are as follows:

  • You must be a vampire.
  • Link back to the one who nominated you.
  • Display the Vampire Lover Blog Award image.
  • State 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions from the list at –
  • State these rules.
  • Nominate (and notify) at least 3 fellow bloggers.



Here goes – 11 facts about myself :

  1. I started writing vampire novels because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  2. I have never read any of the Classic or Contemporary Classic vampire novels e.g. Dracula, Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse
  3. I like my vampires mean, broody and real vampires – none of this sparkling, no refusing to feed from humans etc.
  4. I am addicted to Irn Bru.
  5. I have contemplated writing a satirical vampire story about a vampire who wakes up addicted to Irn Bru instead of blood but I’m not sure if anyone would read it.
  6. I’m disabled and unwell about 50% of the year. I’d love to write a story about a vampire in a wheelchair but considering how all of my vampires heal quickly, I’m not sure how to do it yet.
  7. I’ve noticed that I’m becoming obsessed with adding some sort of telepathy into my recent stories.
  8. Technology hates me and the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, it is a necessity for a writer.
  9. It took over ten years for me to find a publisher who ‘gets’ what my writing is about.
  10. My best friend is my Standard Poodle. He’s a slobber-guts but I love him.
  11. I love connecting with other writers.

11 Questions –

These questions will be answered by my main character, Damian, from my first novel Runaway Girl: Book 1 in the Secrets of Avelina Chronicles.

1. If you live forever, or for thousands of years, and are difficult to kill, and are very strong and powerful… how do you not become a sociopath? And go off and start doing anything you want and acting on any impulse? – Katya

No. Vampires are not difficult to kill once you know the right methods. We are strong and we are powerful but the thing that keeps us from becoming sociopaths – and I’ve known more than a few over the centuries – is our code of honour. Those of us who are Elders have to think of the safety of our clans first, the overall safety and secrecy or protection of our people. Those who are not as powerful in status, are more soldiers than anything else. We all fight to keep our lives and our way of life. If anyone steps out of the realm of decent behaviour any vampire with a sense of duty to his people may take on their punishment.

2. From what you’ve witnessed yourself, do the history books have it right? – Sylvie

No. And they probably never will. But what I do like is that they come pretty close sometimes, only to turn the whole thing on its head and go off to the extreme. I actually quite enjoy seeing how they twist history to make it more palatable.

3. Is ‘live’ blood more beneficial than bagged blood? Is it true that the last blood from a dying person is sweeter due to their fear of death? – Dianne (Tome Tender)

There’s no difference. Though a lot of the younger fledglings would like to believe so. Drinking from a powerful person doesn’t make you powerful. Drinking from ‘live’ blood doesn’t give you any more benefit than bagged. And any vampire worth their salt doesn’t value the fear of a human beings death. As vampires, on the brink of all out war with the humans on a daily basis, we have to be very careful about our feeding habits. If we allowed ourselves to kill with every feed, we would quickly obliterate the human population and our food source. What we strive for now is understanding and acceptance of what and who we are. If we respect our food, then we can continue to survive. A real vampire, who wants to live by these rules will ensure that his/her victim of choice feels no fear, and if the skill is in their repertoire, they can obliterate the memory of the feeding altogether.

4. What was your first feed/kill like? – Megan Cashman

To be honest, the first feed after my turning was difficult for me. I didn’t want to be who or what I am but I knew that it was that or death. And with my Angela still alive, I was willing to do anything to be with her. My first feed was from a young farm boy that worked on the clan estate. He knew about vampires and lived with them, as he was an orphan. He offered to be my first as I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stop feeding once I started. If you have a connection with the person you are feeding from it is easier to stop. We sat and talked for two hours so that I could get to know him and when I fed he ensured that I didn’t go beyond a certain limit. It still haunts me how close I was to killing him.

5. If you had the choice to no longer be a vampire – to just be a human again – would you go for it? – Robin Layne

Never. My life now has taken centuries to build and I’m happy. Happier than I was as a human. I know that Kaitlin and I could have a good human life together, but I cherish the thought of having an eternity with her. Now that I’m an Elder and Clan leader it’s all the more important for me to be sure of what and who I am. I could never go back now, I have the fate of all vampires on my shoulders and that’s a responsibility I would never sacrifice.

6. Do you find the idea of being undead – ‘living’ for ever, sleeping in a coffin, and so on – as horrifying as I do? – Lucinda Elliot

Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that. We sleep on normal beds, get normal human sleep and function as humans in the fundamental ways. Dying is not a necessity to turning, therefore most of us have never even been near a coffin, never mind slept in one. As for the living forever and blood drinking, I see it exactly as I always have. Just as living and dying is natural to a human, living for an extended span of time is natural to a vampire. It doesn’t faze me, I just enjoy getting to see the world change around me. And as humans must eat and drink to survive, so must we. The only difference is what we eat and drink. Humans were once cannibals, Neanderthals and they still consume blood on a regular basis, they just forget that. Haggis, black pudding, rare steaks. Humans eat animals, vampires eat humans. It’s the natural circle of life.

7. What do you think of the recent fashion for vampire books and films? Has it made your life harder or easier? – Georgiana Derwent

I would say it’s made things harder. We were exposed to humans a few decades ago and we’re lucky it hasn’t turned into all out war yet. But it will. It’s inevitable. With all these stories going around, right now we’re the stuff of fantasy and schoolgirl romance but one day people are going to remember the old tales, the Slavic origins and the Dracula days. At the moment we walk amongst humans but it’s a temptation that is dangerous for newly turned vampires. All too often we find them out in the world, biting anyone and everyone, killing because they don’t know any better. If we had remained a secret these incidences would never have happened. Those being turned would have undergone rigorous training within the clan and not been allowed near a human until they could prove their control.

8. According to folklore, vampires can’t cross moving water. Does this present problems for you? – James Lyon

Not at all. Moving water is one of those old novel ideas that popped into someone’s head once and sounded interesting. Humans make a lot of things up to make themselves feed safe. Garlic – something you can find in most homes and kitchens. Crosses – again, commonly available to humans. Moving water – something they delude themselves into thinking can save them. In the old days, when the rumours first started about moving water, everyone and their granddad moved to live near water. But they forget that unless they lived on an island or had a moat, then there was always a direction a vampire could travel that didn’t involve moving water. I’ll admit, some of us lived up to the folklore in the old days because it was fun. It was like a game to see who could perpetuate the most myths. But really, we can wade through water, we can swim in the ocean. Humans are very rarely ever safe from us. Apart from death or our own negligence, there’s nothing that can stop us.

9. Is it possible some vampire-related genes can be passed down through human bloodlines over the centuries? – James Lyon

Absolutely. We actually have a team of scientists who work on these problems. We also work on cures for those bitten in negligence because of this issue. An incomplete turning can create a wound that never quite heals and there’s always the risk of blood contamination. We try to avoid accidents so that we can monitor and control our population.

10. They say a vampire’s bite brings pleasure rather than pain. Is that true, and how is that even possible? – Francis Franklin

Yes, it can be true. Back in the days of the first vampires, Latin was all the rage and we found that certain vampire gifts, mixed with Latin made the vampire able to control a humans emotions during feeding. Only the oldest of us now actually remember and know the words to say, but we try to pass on the knowledge to those who we think can handle the responsibility. With the words we can create a pleasant experience for the victim and remove any risk of exposure to our activities. It also depends on the appetite of the vampire as to whether the sensation is a dull happiness or full on pleasure. Particularly if the vampire likes playing games with humans and wants to play tricks. That’s when some of them get in trouble, trying to get themselves human dates through the words. It never works; the magic of the words last only as long as the vampire feeds.

11. Do you believe in ‘true love’ and ‘soul mates’? – Francis Franklin

Yes. I always did. I used to believe that I was destined for Angela, and then Amelia came along and confused everything. I stopped believing back then, because of what she did to me. Kaitlin renewed that belief. She’s shown me that we were always meant to be together; which is why I would never turn my back on my people. Without being a vampire, I would never have her in my life.

Nominations –


You can read more about Damian and Kaitlin in Runaway Girl: Book 1 in the Secrets of Avelina Chronicles, available at Smashwords, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble and WH Smith.


8 thoughts on “Vampire Lover Blog Award

      1. And tell him I’m sorry I misspelled his name. Someone once said, “Say anything you want about me but spell my name right.” I don’t know that I’d be that free talking to a vampire . . .

      2. My vampires aren’t nice guys. They might try to be at first . . . I’ve got two more to post. Already have 3. Would be interested in your thoughts on them.

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