Book Review: Geekus Interruptus

Book – Geekus Interruptus
Author – Mickey Corrigan
Star rating – ★★☆☆☆
Would I read it again – Probably not.
Plot – A little thin, could have been expanded on.
Characters – Can’t relate to them. A little one-dimensional.
Movie Potential – ★★☆☆☆
Ease of reading – Very easy.

Personally, the premise sounded great, but the story didn’t grab me. I really didn’t like Marcy; she wasn’t my kind of character at all. She was selfish, self-absorbed and I couldn’t relate to her at all.

So at the end of the first chapter, my thoughts were: I don’t like Marcy. She’s a slut. There, I said it. I like the writers style and ability, but the continual crass words belong in an erotica story. Which is not how it’s advertised. It’s called a ‘romantic comedy’. So far, nothing funny, nothing romantic. With unlikable characters. I looked forward to meeting Jess, until I met him, and then I realized that he was as one-dimensional as Marcy was.

Premise –

Marcy used to be a wild ‘will screw anyone, anywhere, anyhow’ kind of girl. Then she married Jess, the Geek. After 6 years, one dream and the suspicion that her husband is more withdrawn ‘though he’s always been withdrawn’ and spending longer hours working (downstairs in their house with the door closed, shock! And more weekend trips away), Marcy jumps to the assumption that he’s having an affair. To me, it sounds like a desperate sex maniac clutching at straws to explain why her sex life with her husband petered away into oblivion, no matter what tricks she tried to tempt him with.

Also, there are two covers for this book – for the two different release dates. Neither one adequately portrays the book so far.

Marcy is a bit lame, in my opinion. She ends up throwing herself at her neighbor just because he gives her some attention. And I mean just about getting on his lap kind of throwing. Although she can’t accept the thought of her husband being with someone else, even just touching them (it gives her ‘physical pain’), she doesn’t mind letting the sleazy neighbor feel her up in her own driveway. More than just a grope guys, this was like, seriously ‘I want you in my bed’ touching up.

It may just be that I’m one of those old fashioned people who doesn’t believe in cheating on someone you love – even if you’re not actually with them at the time. It may be that I class cheating as the following: emotional love, touching of any kind that is more than accidental or casual, kissing and most definitely sex of any form. But to me, I find Marcy boring, pathetic and an all round unlikeable character.

I had hoped that with the prospect of Marcy spying on Jess, to discover if he was cheating and who with, the story would improve. Unfortunately, this aspect of the story that was so promising, was sort of skimmed over. It could have been done a lot differently and extended, but it just sort of seems to be a side-bar to the whole Marcy-crisis thing.

It was also a little off-putting having a paragraph at the end of the chapters, which was basically an Author’s Note. It broke the story. I also didn’t like that the author made them sound as if it was a lecture, or a life lesson she was giving, relating us all to Marcy’s situation. It sort of annoyed me to hear someone trying to tell me that I knew what Marcy was going through because we’d all been there. It’s not true for me, and I didn’t like it, or the little laughing at her own jokes, in parentheses. It just felt really wrong, within the story.

Sadly, this book just wasn’t for me. But I’ve seen rave reviews for this author and for this book, so there’s obviously something I’m missing that other people see.



Want to read it for yourself? These are the links:

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