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Book Review: The Heretic Priest

This review is for The Heretic Priest by C.N. Faust, Book 2 in the Age of Waking Death series.

Book – The Heretic Priest (Book 2, Age of Waking Death)
Author – C.N. Faust
Star rating – ★★★★★
Would I read it again – Yes
Plot – very intriguing, brilliantly done, darker than 1st book
Characters – still lovable, still dangerous, still well done.
Movie Potential – ★★★★★
Ease of reading – Very easy to read.


Again, this book has an amazing front cover on it. The artwork really gives the atmosphere and mood of the book before you even open up the cover. Second and third books are always favourites of mine, because now that (as a reader) I know the characters and their parts, the story progresses faster and you can come to expect certain reactions from them. This one was exactly the same. I actually found myself frowning in confusion when a new character was mentioned because I was so into the story by that point, that I wondered if I’d mis-read it or just forgotten who this person was. Turns out, I was happily surprised to find that it was a new character and that they were going to be a very intriguing one at that.

This book didn’t disappoint in any way, following from the first. I continued the story well, keeping the intrigue and mystery from Book 1 and highlighting it with darker actions. There were parts of the book where things happened that I’d been hoping for, but not sure if they would happen, and things that completely took me by surprise.

Again, the medieval torture descriptions were a combination between gross and fantastic. I’m not entirely squeamish when it comes to books; films are different; but this one had me squirming. Which is great, because I want to be so involved that I forget it’s not real. This series does that to me.

The romance in this book was great too. However brief it was, I loved that Meridith got a little romance in, just because the party was ruined by ‘the intruder’ (No spoilers now 😉 ) I did, however, have a terrible feeling that Nisroch would try to seduce Felix. I won’t say now, whether he does or not, but I have always felt, from even before they got together, that Felix and Pharun were meant to be. I’ll leave it up to anyone who reads to book to find out whether they are or not.

Unsurprisingly, I am still as in love with Pharun as I was in the first book. This shocked me a little, because I don’t usually connect with the brutal, promiscuous characters, especially if they are/or are bordering on sadistic. But Pharun does something to me that I will never explain. Probably what he does to Felix. He’s the most complex character, without the writer ever really having to put that across directly. He feels, he loves, he uses people, he’s bored, he’s smart, he’s cunning…there are a million reasons to love him. Anyone who reads this book and doesn’t connect with Pharun, or Felix, at the very least, doesn’t have their head screwed on straight. They are fantastic characters.

I will say, without giving anything away, that I was somewhat shocked by Felix’s father. I always knew Felix was important, but I never truly grasped that fact until his father was revealed to him. I do like the explanation of why he is who he is. It makes perfect sense considering who says it. (I know, cryptic!) Admittedly, though, once I knew, I realised that Pharun had been telling us in hints all along. He wanted Felix to know who his real father was, but he either didn’t want to push Felix into discovering the truth and taking away his free will, or else he just loved him too much to admit it and give him any doubts. Either way it just shows how much Pharun cares for him.

The one thing I really did smile at, was that somehow, no matter what, everyone always ends up at Mahlii’s door at some point or another. Pharun’s little visit was not a surprise at all, considering his character, but it was fun to see how different Mahlii was with him. I will say that I was surprised that the Mahtrador’s always ended up at his temple, even though they all hate him and are freaked out by him. It just shows how much power he truly has; or they all think he has.

I am very intrigued to see how Book 3 will progress. To be honest, I’m not sure if it is the last of the series or not, but I wish it wasn’t. This is a series that I could read a good 20+ books on and never get bored of it once.

I’m looking forward to finding out what happens to Shrukian, and Olympia (I will never look at riding crops the same way again!) and to see how Pharun and Felix get on in the next book. It’s going to be an interesting ride, no matter what happens. And you can bet I’ll be there to see it through.

About C.N. Faust

C.N. Faust

Cyrus is a perfectly charismatic, devilishly charming bloke who spends far too much time writing novels and plays and not enough time writing the essays required for him to graduate. He is currently a Classics major with a double major in Theatre that will probably change to he-doesn’t-know-yet. Cyrus’ mission statement is that he would rather his writing be read and enjoyed by a small following than have to conform to the demands of a large audience. Of course, if you want to buy his novel and help support his cause to buy his domain name, then that would make you the best person he knows. Cyrus also possesses an unhealthy love for Shakespeare, and before he dies he intends to produce every one of the great playwright’s plays. In his spare time (what spare time, where?) he is charming the ladies and devising new and inventive ways to torment his faithful, beloved characters.

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