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Book Exposure: A Yellow Hand Book

a yellow hand book

About the Book:

The Yellow Hand Book is something of an enigma, impossible to categorize. Describing it as the licence for a product doesn’t do it justice. And to say, “It’s the end of the World,” fares no better for swinging the other way. What seems certain is the fact a Yellow Hand Book is going to shock, surprise, amuse, frighten and outrage readers for some time to come.

The book licences a simple idea. The idea is to get Westerners to throw their weight behind Holocaust museums, whereas Easterners would visit mosques and temples and shrines. The idea is to gauge the mood of the World. You should see people reach beyond their historic, religious, political, and scientific borders in an attempt to get their hands on this Game. You should see the word “Game” dominate peoples discussions, for there to be any hope of seeing this Game being born.

My Review:

Excellent graphics. Really amazing, touching message put across in a way that everyone can understand. There is no sense of a lecture or having information thrown at you. It’s a message you learn within a fun environment, with incredible images.

Share, spread the word, and live by this book’s teachings.

My Prayer:

To do my part to remove prejudice and hate within the world. Are you in or out?

How to Get in touch with the Author Makhoe van der Vlugt:



How to Get the Book:

Three Prayers Website


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