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Book Review: Impassioned

I had the pleasure of reading my good friend Molly Bryant’s book ‘Impassioned’, which is Book 1 in The Angel Chronicles. I can just tell it’s going to be an amazing series.

Impassioned (The Angel Chronicles)
Impassioned (The Angel Chronicles)



Jesse meets an intriguing young man with brown eyes, messy-blonde hair, and dimples that set his smile out of this world. As their relationship grows stronger, Jessie learns that she is in danger. Her college life at Boise State University becomes anything but ordinary in a world she never knew existed.

With college students being recruited like puppets into the arms of fallen angels, Jessie has the guardians to keep her safe. In this compelling story of love, loss and betrayal, will Jesse choose the love of eternal damnation? Or will she choose the love of eternal harmony?


Book – Impassioned (The Angel Chronicles #1)
Author – Molly Bryant
Star rating – ★★★★★
Would I read it again – Yes, definitely
Plot – well executed, great flow and good detail
Characters – unique, individuals, relatable
Movie Potential – ★★★★★
Ease of reading – very easy to read


I was in a bit of a reading funk when I started this book. I’d spent a week trying to get round to it, but not feeling in the mood to read anything at all. I read the first chapter, about Derek, and was intrigued, but there was no cliffhanger to force me on to the next chapter.

A few days later, I forced myself out of the funk to start reading it. As soon as I’d read one page I was hooked and my funk was over. I enjoyed the intro, with Derek’s story, but I do have one question about it. If they take the bodies of dead people, and in Derek’s case not so long dead, then how is it that their surviving family members don’t recognise their dead relative walking around? Or do they deliberately choose those who have no family left, so there’s no risk of that?


Jess on the other hand, is a typical college girl in all aspects. Relatable, kind of kooky and sweet, but also a little emotionally chaotic. Very like a regular girl. Lol. There’s also a nice use of detail to really transport the reader into the story. It’s not too much, but not too little either.
I really like Rachel. Despite the weirdo way Jess and Remmy suddenly react ‘over night’ and how I’m almost sure it has something to do with prolonged exposure to his Pimpin’ colognre, I still like him. I just can’t help myself. Lol.

By Chapter 2, I found that I had a gut feeling that Remmy is the bad guy, but I couldn’t help but like him. It’s not the first time I’ve taken to a bad guy in a supernatural book, but this one was a real bad guy, not just sitting on the fence. I get an oddly good feeling about him despite what Jess says.


My favourite line: “Forgive me Derek, for I have sinned.” Yes, Jessie, you have.

I absolutely love the moment Jessie discovers Derek’s ‘secret’. An amazing ‘moment’ and brilliant use of description. I have to admit that I laughed aloud at 12.30 at night at the Liam Hemsworth line. Yes, I actually can imagine that.

Sadly, I can’t really comment on the really juice parts of the story because it should really be a surprise. If I start commenting on the brilliant stuff, then I’ll be ruining it for you guys. I will say that I was so engrossed that I stayed up all night to read it. I literally couldn’t put it down. But what I really loved, what was that sometimes we, the reader, were just as clueless about what was going on as Jessie is, concerning what is real and what isn’t. I think that is a stroke of genius.

A highly addictive read.