Pay It Forward

Excerpt: The Tube Riders – Exile


You’re going to bomb London?’

One missile targets the launch site at Southend-on-Sea in case the ship gets back to earth,’ Lucien said. ‘Another targets Parliament Tower, where Cale has his headquarters. The third is aimed just north of the old Piccadilly District where a number of government research installations are believed to be located. Where they build the Huntsmen.’

There are millions of people in London.’ Dreggo’s voice showed admirable concern, Switch thought.

An unfortunate complication, but Cale cannot be allowed to use that technology. Better that London dies than the rest of Britain, and then Europe, and then maybe the world.’

Switch had heard enough. Dreggo would have to wait until another night; this went beyond her now.

He crept back to the stairs and made his way silently back down through the monastery. He slipped through the gate, retrieved his crutch and climbed back down through the break in the wall to the beach below. The tide had receded, the water barely lapping above his knees as he waded back beneath the causeway to where he had left the car.

With his wet feet up on the dashboard, he turned on the old heating system and tried to stop shivering. He glared out of the windscreen towards the distant shadow of the Mont rising into the glittering night sky, a few lights from its windows just visible. He slammed his plaster cast against the dashboard, not caring about the jolts of pain that raced up his arm.

That’s my town,’ he said slowly, under his breath. ‘That’s my town, and I will not let you wipe it out.’

What could he do? He was just one patched-up little man. How could he do anything to stop London getting the crap bombed out of it by a bunch of antique nutjobs?

He closed his eyes, remembering the tunnel and the hell he had unleashed beneath the grey waters of the English Channel.

I did it once,’ he said, switching the engine back on and turning the car around. ‘I did it once.’


The final volume in the trilogy, The Tube Riders: Revenge, will be released in January 2014.

About the Author:

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A proud and noble Cornishman (and to a lesser extent British), Chris Ward ran off to live and work in Japan back in 2004. There he got married, got a decent job, and got a cat. He remains pure to his Cornish/British roots while enjoying the inspiration of living in a foreign country.
He is the author of the novels The Tube Riders and The Man Who Built the World, as well as 33 published short stories, the same number as his age. In addition to The Tube Riders series, he is the author of the novels The Man Who Built the World and Head of Words, as well as the Beat Down! action/comedy novella series under the name Michael S. Hunter, and the Tales from the Village Green series of cricket stories under the name of Michael White.
Chris Ward also offers a proofreading service in order to help other independent authors. You can find details here.

How to Get in touch with Chris:

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Blog: A Million Miles from Anywhere

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