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2013 has been pretty crazy, both personally and professionally. I’ve had one novel and one short story published by Write More Publications and I’ve just had my first MM romance novel accepted by Hot Ink Press this week! But despite all that craziness and my health acting up again regularly, I’ve been asked to take part in my first Blog Hop, which sounds too fun to turn down. I was tagged by Stephanie Greenhalgh, the amazing writer of The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood. You can check out Stephanie at the following sites – Goodreads, Website, Blog and Facebook.

Here’s how a blog hop works. Stephanie tagged me, so I answer the four blog hop questions in my blog, which I will link to Stephanie’s answers to the same questions on her blog. Then I will reach out to five random authors to continue the hop!

Read on to find my answers to the blog hop questions.

What are You Writing?

At the moment, I’m just at the ‘notes’ stage of a new story called ‘Master,’. It is the first in a planned two book series called The Assassins. Obviously, about assassins, but in essence a romance story. I had the second story already mapped out about a year ago, but I wasn’t happy with the theme/ending or the fact that it felt sort of stagnated. Then I got the idea for ‘Master,’ a few days ago and it all seemed to click. The other story made so much more sense and instantly came to mind, with a new title ‘Freedom’.

 How Does This Differ From Your Last Work?

Well, I’m not sure it does that much. My last work was a series that took me into the exploration of the erotica genre. I’d toyed with it before (pun not intended. lol) but I had never really been happy that the plot of the story, which is important to me, was good enough. My last endeavour, however, was a gay romance, and this one isn’t. This one also takes me further into the ‘action’ of a story, which I’ve only briefly touched on before. I’ve never really been confident about writing good action scenes, but with this one, I have quite a few in my mind, so I’m hoping they come out well on paper.

Why Do You Write?

Freedom. That’s basically it in a nutshell. I was actually thinking about this last night, for some reason, and I think this image best portrays why I write and why it means so much to me:


What is Your Process?

Ooh, that’s a very tough question, because I’m a stickler for how I work. I start with an idea, the basic concept, even if it’s only one sentence long. I write it down and usually I have around a page when I stop writing, because so much inspiration comes from that one idea that I usually either go right into writing the story or I end up writing pages and pages of basic notes.

Once the notes are complete, or I have an idea of how to begin, I start writing. I do not have a chapter by chapter plan. Even the notes I’ve written may not be used in the story. I trust my instincts and my characters to do what’s right, so as I write, I follow my gut and let my fingers walk the keys until they run out of words to write. I don’t think so much as feel. So I’m not analytical about what I’m writing or thinking about where it’s going. I let the words flow as they come and eventually I will stall in the story, not sure what else to do. Then it’s time to read over everything I’ve written so far and fix anything I see that’s not quite right. This way I get a better image of where the story is going. Then I check my notes for what is planned to come next and if that doesn’t agree with where the story is going, I have to respect that and ignore the notes, to follow the story.

I strongly believe that the characters know what they’re doing. I never go where they don’t want to. I follow that rule until the story is finished. Then I look at the word count, when it’s done and see if it needs tweaking (adding or removing) and I make a note of that. Then I edit, which can take a while. Once it’s been edited three times, I usually give up on doing more, leave it for a few months and then come back fresh, to read it on my Kindle as if it’s someone else’s story. If it doesn’t work by then, it’s never going to.

Thank you so much for being a part of my first Blog Hop! I hope you enjoyed this stop.

10 thoughts on “Blog Hop

  1. Love your process for writing. My first novel I wrote chapter by chapter no notes just one little chapter at a time. I find with this second one I can’t write chapter by chapter. I get an idea and I just make a note of it on my iPhone. I have scenes all over the place and in any order. There is no order but I’m finding I like it and for a person with a bit of OCD I find it refreshing. I see scenes in my head and I’m just like yes that’s it. That will happen but when I’m not really sure. It’s def different from my first full writing experience. I like that it’s not the same. At first I thought i was doing something wrong but as I let me characters tell me their story it’s all coming together nicely. I’m excited for the finished product. I even hear the voices of a new series overlapping with my present series. They are both fighting for my complete attention and I’m afraid I’ll have trouble keeping up! 🙂 Not that I just wrote a short story on your blog Happy Holidays! I hope 2014 brings much more than the last!

    1. lol. I love short stories. 🙂 I absolutely agree. I was the same – I used to plan ahead and thought that was the way to do it. It feel like there’s more freedom and doing it ‘by my pants’ as they say and the story works better in the end.

      And Happy Holidays to you too. xx

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      1. 🙂 I like winging it, but I often find that I forget important/really good scenes or conversations if I don’t start keeping track of everything. lol.

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