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Author Interview: Mark Matthews

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1.You have some amazing title’s, between your Outerworld Key and Dragon Code books. Where do you come up with them? Do you have to play around with words, or do they just come to you from the story?

  • I create themes, or stories, in my mind first, then things flow at a fast pace from there. Characters spawn in an instant, while others take considerably longer to work out their traits, flaws and qualities. As you can tell, I have an affinity for dragons and magic.

2. In ‘The Wizard’s Crystal’, your main characters are a wizard called Ormalt and a scholarly boy called Hartman. How do they two interact throughout the story? I’ve seen a lot of fantasy books that either keep opposing characters always at an arm’s length from each other, or very close. How do these two work together and apart?

  •  To put it in as few words as possible, since I could talk pages on this subject alone, Ormalt is evil, trying to take over the world, while Hartman must stop him. 

    This is no easy task for a teenager, who is not only trying to discover himself in life, but is forced to save the every race on Cerulian as he goes along. 

    They are two opposing forces that will have a clandestine meeting. 

    (There is one major note I wish to impart concerning The Wizard’s Crystal. I am presently re-writing the book. There were some things I wished to add and some small errors needing correcting) The revised edition is due around Feb. 20, 2014. Watch for it.

3. What is your writing environment like? Do you write with a pen and paper, or on a computer? Do you need quiet, or music in the background? Do you have a pet who gets in on the act?

  •  If not for the computer, I probably would never find the time to write. It’s one reason I have such great admiration for the writers of days gone by. They loved their craft enough to gift us with some amazing works, all done by hand. I usually have quiet when I write. (I try to accomplish this while the kids are in school, otherwise it would be a lost cause.

4. What does your protagonist think about you? (Choose any book) Would he or she want to hang out with you, the author, his creator.

  • Barrett, of The Outerworld Key, would have a lot in common with me, except for the fact he’s a prince. We have many of the same tastes and believes. I would like to get to know him.

5. I know your books are fantasy but is anything in your book based on real life experiences or is it all purely imagination?

  •  I believe every author puts part of the personal life in each story. Whether it’s a character based on a person you disliked, or perhaps one you adore, to events that have happened or you wish would take place. I hope that readers can share in my moments as they read the pages. (Just because the story takes place in another realm doesn’t mean the stories aren’t based on some facts.) This is one small thing that makes writing so enjoyable.

6. Have you ever written something you absolutely hate?

  •  Hate is a strong word. I say no. However, I have two works that I have decided to re-do. The Dragon Code series, and The Wizard’s Crystal are under construction. The Outerworld Key is the work I am most proud of. There are many reasons an author will revisit work. It’s not to change the ending or anything of that nature, but it is to ensure readers get the most pleasant experience for their money. I want each one to say ‘wow! I can’t wait for the next one.’

7. Out of all your books, who is your favourite character and why?

  •  This is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child…lol! I love them all.

8. Which was the best character to write, good or evil?

  •  Again, life experiences shape your writing. Every living being has good and evil within them, it’s simply a matter of bringing it out in your writing.

9. Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you would love to work with?

  •  I have gotten very favorable words about Tylor, the Fader, from The Outerworld Key. He’s a dark, mysterious fellow with some unique talents. I might expand him quite a bit in future works. But, I like to listen to my readers as best I can. Weigh in with your opinions and let me know,

10. Finally, what question do you wish that someone would ask about your book, but nobody has? Write it out here, then answer it.

Do you only have e-books

  • Presently, yes! But on a very happy note. I am in the process of having paperbacks printed. They should be ready in March 2104.

On a final note, I wish to send heartfelt gratitude out to all my fans and readers. I appreciate each and every one of you.

About the Author: by Mark Matthews


As a teenager I wrote short stories for pleasure. They were mainly a form of relaxation. It was during this time my own style began to slowly develop and come through. The story behind my latest book concerns Barrett and his mismatched companions that must save the world from an imprisoned evil god and his demon horde who shall be released from their Outerworld prison if the evil sorceress Basath has her way. Some readers, and even other authors, say fantasy writers are traditionally narrow minded in their stories. We are blamed for constantly re-doing the basic ‘good vs. evil’ plot. However, I believe that is what fantasy is all about. Usually, it involves swords, sorcery, creatures of various kinds, and adventure. Often times you’ll find romance and humor thrown in as well. It’s difficult to turn away from a winning combination, and in the same instance each author can add his or her own flair to it.
A writer’s portrayal of these imagined worlds and characters makes the story worth reading and enjoying. If the author can make readers ‘be there’ or ‘see it’ unfold before their eyes, then we have succeeded in our goal, regardless the age old plot. Please know I put a great deal of thought and time into developing my characters and worlds. I hope you share their passions, thoughts, and feelings as you read on from page to page. When asked about the greatest joy of writing, I answer that sharing my work and, believe it or not, having a reader expound their thoughts on my books is a joy beyond comparison. So many times readers download your book then simply wait patiently for the sequel or next series.
Writers look for validation of their material. Not just a Facebook ‘Like’, but a reader’s comment or review is the most satisfying thing of all. And of course, if they share that knowledge with friends, family, etc… it makes it all the better. After all, that is how fans are formed. Naming the writer’s greatest joy is quite simple….it’s our fans.

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