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Excerpt: Hunting the Moon

Book: Hunting the Moon – Becca Boucher
Series: Hunting the Moon #1


By the time I got to work, it was close to twelve and the parking lot was full. I had a hard time finding a space to squeeze the Volvo into and ended up on the back side of the parking lot. I was thanking God that I hadn’t brought the Camaro. The parking lot was so full that it was an accident waiting to happen.

Kat had told Nick something to convince him that I was working the later shift today, meaning, I had to stay to eleven tonight, making the location of my present parking space even more annoying. I was complaining about it at break with Kat before she left … and got no sympathy.

Well, really Lil, if you had made it in on time this wouldn’t be an issue. You’re really cranky today,” Kat said, pointing her car keys at me to accent her point. “I think you need a date. The recluse routine is getting old. Let me fix you up, I have this cousin, you know, the insurance guy? And I think it would be good for you to get out of the house.”

I pushed the cover down on my coffee a little harder than I had intended, cracking the Styrofoam and cursing under my breath. “No Kat, what I really need is sleep—dreamless, peaceful sleep—and a best friend who was a little less of a nag.”

She pretended to be upset. “Well, fine. Be like that,” she replied, pretending to pout.

As she turned to go I said something I knew I was going to regret, “Plus, I have my eyes on someone.”

Kat stopped in her tracks and turned on her heels with a sparkle in her eye. “Really? Oh, do tell.”

I checked my watch to give myself time to take a deep breath. “Well, he works here. He’s a tad bit younger than me and works in nursing.”

Kat tapped her head in an exaggerated way. “Well, that narrows it down, since there are only three male nurses here. Hey, you don’t like a girl, do you?”

I threw my napkin at her. “No! Kat, you’re really a jerk sometimes. It’s a guy and he usually works second shift,” I said, pretending to be real intent on fixing my coffee cup. “In fact … um … we kind of ran in to him before … at the court house.”

I truly didn’t know why I was saying this as my cheeks grew hot. The look on her face was no longer teasing; it was a look of recognition and distaste.

“If you mean the stalker brother of a killer, then I am seriously going to have you committed.” She took in my silence for a moment, then continued, “Honestly, Lilly, if you’re even considering that you have a screw loose. His brother is a murderer. He’s the brother of a man who ruined your life, for crying out loud, and you find him attractive? Did Aaron mean nothing to you?”

I felt my face heat with rage as tears pool in the corners of my eyes. I set my coffee down and walked right up to her. “How dare you, Kat! Aaron meant the world to me. You know that! So much so that he haunts my dreams and now my waking hours! I spend day after day thinking that I’m going crazy. I see and hear him. This goes beyond normal grief. How dare you! And you don’t know Daemon. I don’t know him, but he said that he’s nothing like his brother, and that could be true. I have a feeling that I can trust him. In fact, something is drawing me to him.”

The look on her face was of utter betrayal, maybe even disgust. She spoke with measured words. “Well, I’m glad you have a feeling , but Aaron was my friend, too. I loved him, too, and this conversation sickens me. You be careful, and whatever feeling is pulling you that direction, I hope its right. Because you can’t expect me to come pick up the pieces and morn for you, too.”

With that, she turned and stormed from the cafeteria.


Hunting The Moon

A year after the murder of her husband, Lilly Lawson is still plagued by nightmares that have pushed her back into her adolescent habit of cutting. Even worse, she starts to see and communicate with her husband’s ghost. When she goes to the sentencing for the man convicted of the crime, she finds herself captivated by the killer’s brother.

Daemon Kelly has returned to their small town after a long absence to care for his elderly mother. He also has to face the whispers regarding his brother’s crime and his own alcoholism. When he comes face to face with the widow of the man his brother killed, he feels an intense need to protect her, but from what, he doesn’t know.

When the two fall in love it is anything but easy. Aaron Lawson is intent on coming back and claiming what is his. And the closer Lily and Daemon get to Aaron’s ghost, the more they unravel the truth about why he died in the first place. Piecing together bits of ancient Celtic lore, can they find a way to help Aaron’s soul find rest?

About the Author:

becca boucher

Becca Boucher (1975-) was born in Worcester Massachusetts and remains a lifelong New England resident. Which can be seen in the settings of her novels. Her first published work appeared in the Write More Publications anthology Novel Hearts (2013) which will be followed by her novel Hunting The Moon in the fall of 2013. Hunting The Moon is the first in a three book paranormal romance series set in central Massachusetts.

Ms. Boucher is a freelance blogger and writer, and mom to two wonderful sons. You can follow her blog, My Life With Books and Boys at

How to get in touch with Becca:




Where to buy Hunting the Moon:

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