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Author Interview: Pyxi Rose


1. ‘The Ninth Taghairm’ is a really unique and intriguing title, what made you think of it?

Well, there will be nine books in my series, one for each Taghairm. I am starting from the end and working my way to the very first one. Talula being the ninth and Aisling (my little seer) being the first.

2. As a single mom, how do you juggle life, writing and marketing your work?

Very carefully. LOL I have a six year old son that is a ball of pure energy so I spent a lot of time with him. But while he is at school, I handle most of my promoting and after he goes to bed. I stay up late and get up early. 😉

3. Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your work?

I love to mix reality with fantasy. In all my books, you will notice a bit of truth combined with the impossible. When I am feeling a little disenchanted and need that extra boost, I grab my mp3 player. Some of my favorite muses are Zoe Zeating, FATM, Tori Amos and Frightened Rabbit.

4. What do you like to read in your free time?

Everything! I read mostly indie because I beta read for so many indie authors but I read mostly anything. I am a HUGE audiobook nut though. So if it is in audio…it is MINE. 😉 By the time I am done promoting and writing, I spend a good 9 hours on the computer. So it is nice to give the eyes a break and get lost in a good audiobook.

5. Redemption is the first in the Taghairm Chronicles. Are we going to revisit Gadin and Talula in Book 2, or will it take a different path?

Both Gadin and Talula are in the next few books. Affliction (book two) will focus on Xz and Faolchú though. The major arch of book one will take three books to complete fully. Book four will start a new arch. 

6. What is your writing environment like? Do you write with a pen and paper, or on a computer? Do you need quiet, or music in the background?

I like to listen to music super loud when I write. Up until last year, I did everything longhand before typing it up but after discovering Scrivener, I tend to just work straight through the program. Seriously, the best writing tool out there!




There are far worse fates than death, but that is a truth Gadin Wilde knows all too well. He had to come to terms with his immortality from a sire that relished in the kill. He had eventually grown to accept the fact he was one of the damned; a vampire, an irredeemable beast driven by blood and blood alone. That was until he met the very complicated and alluring Talula Delphina and was shown another way of existing. In a blink of an eye, his whole world changed.

Cursed with a fate worse than death, Talula is destined to watch the world die. Punished with the cruelest form of immortality, she knows all about the devastation of death and the agonizing pain of rebirth. For almost thirteen hundred years, she has relived its vicious cycle time and time again. For a crime of retribution, her soul bares the mark of immortality, but suffers it in a mortal shell.

So when the dark and sensual, Gadin began hunting her, she welcomed the prospect of being his prey. After all, there are far worse ways to die. But nothing could have prepared her for the fire he lit within her.

And as their passions grow more intense, powerful forces fight to keep them apart. Will their love be enough to overcome their fated paths? Or will the secret crime Talula committed centuries ago, be so damning that Gadin won’t be able to forgive her?

About the Author:


Pyxi Rose is a single mom, writer, and lover of all things literary. She lives in the PA Mountains but her heart and soul will always be in North Carolina. She also enjoys reviewing books for other indie authors in her spare time. When she is not doing that, she is chasing after her wonderfully weird little boy, Wander Stone. Her debut novel, Redemption, will be the first book of nine in a darker paranormal series about Scottish Oracles.

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Amazon Author Page

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2 thoughts on “Author Interview: Pyxi Rose

  1. Hello I wonder if you can help. I am trying to get hold of a copy “ The ninth Taghairm “ but having no luck at all. I can’t eBay because I live in Gozo a small island off Malta and they don’t deliver, amazon don’t carry it anymore. Could you suggest where I may find a copy. Many thanks. Jack

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