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Book Review – Fool’s Errand


fool's errand


Book – Fool’s Errand (Chadash Chronicles#1)
Author – David G. Johnson
Star rating – ★★★★
Plot – unique, well developed and paced
Characters – individual, diverse, intriguing
Movie Potential – ★★★★★
Ease of reading – very easy to read
Cover –
Suitable Title –
Would I read it again – Yes. Definitely.


I have to admit that I’m not a Christian. This is important for one reason – the Foreword. I’m an open minded scientific daydreamer who doesn’t disbelief any religion, but questions all. I flit between open minded awareness of all religions and being unconvinced.

However, just reading the Foreword of this book, I knew David and I were going to get on just fine. Rowling, Tolkien and Lewis are some of my all time favourite authors and I completely understand where he’s coming from in the Foreword. I’ve read a predominantly Christian book series before, in the fantasy genre, and loved it. It made me believe, it made me question and it made me cry. This book does the same.

The prologue was amazing, intriguing and thought provoking. It was so well written and explored that I sank right into the story. I’ll admit that I could have read this type of story for the entire book. But the author does admit that you can miss out the prologue if you’re not into the Christian theme, without losing any of the story.

HOWEVER – I really suggest you don’t miss it. Whether you believe or not, the prologue is a piece of genius that opens your eyes to the rest of the story and the real meaning behind everything that is going on. If you’ve already read this story and loved it, but you haven’t read the prologue, then please think about going back and reading it. You won’t be disappointed!

Now, onto the story. I don’t want to give you a synopsis of the entire book. That’s not the point of my review. My review is to point out the good and bad things about this book, so that you can decide whether it is something you would like to read.

I loved this book.

I think the characters are unique, with amazing depth and capacity and their relationship with the other characters is so involved and key to the progression of the story. It really is a joy to read this book. Around every corner (or every page) is a secret that we have to wait to discover with great anticipation.

The story isn’t too fast or too slow, it’s not one of those that throw a lot of events at you and then never explores them. This book sets a good pace right off the bat and keeps that pace through the whole story. I like that the idea of the ‘fool’s errand’ is continued throughout the story and that the ‘raid’ at the beginning eases you into the story superbly. We instantly get to know the characters and how they get along together, as well as getting a hint of the story that’s to come.

Sometimes the length of the description can interfere with the moment and flow of the story. E.g. background stories, history and explanation of the different people in Chadash. It’s interesting, but doesn’t always have an obvious relevance.

I feel for Thatcher and Melizar the most. I was really sorry for Thatcher, after the battle, when we found out what happened with the Guild. I have to say though that Melizar is by far the most relatable character for me. His journey of doubt and confusion is very like my own relationship with God, which makes him an intriguing character. I see things that make me believe and wonder, like he does, and then question what I see all over again because of doubts. I think there’s a character in this book for everyone, no matter what their religion or the journey they’re on.

Where to Buy Fool’s Errand:

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