Fisking the HuffPo because JK Rowling is nice and I’m not

This post says EVERYTHING I think about this ridiculous post. Personally, and you can find the proof on my blog, I’m a MASSIVE fan of Harry Potter – movies and books. I also have all of JK.’s other books which I plan to read this year, once my schedule clears up. Read this instead of the HuffPost because this is TRUE!

Monster Hunter Nation

So a Huffington Post writer wants JK Rowling to stop writing books, apparently like most people who don’t understand how math or economics work, they think that if somebody else made a dollar, they lost one. Or if somebody else got pie, then there is no pie for them. Apparently this stupidity isn’t limited to just whining about economics anymore.

Read this first. Read it and gawk at the lameness.


Somebody posted this to my Facebook page, wanting my honest opinion as a relatively successful author who is more into the nuts and bolts of business rather than mystical muses and other assorted writerly bullshit. I can’t take every request that comes along because I’m kind of busy writing stuff that gets me paid, but this one needs to get clubbed before any other aspiring writers buy into this line of defeatist thinking. Some ideas just deserve to be…

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