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Book Review – Mystic’s Mayhem


mystic's mayhem




Book – Mystic’s Mayhem (Chadash Chronicles#2)
Author – David G. Johnson
Star rating – ★★★★
Plot – unique, well developed and paced
Characters – individual, diverse, intriguing
Movie Potential – ★★★★★
Ease of reading – very easy to read
Cover –
Suitable Title –
Would I read it again – Yes. Definitely.


My boys are back! I have a total book crush on Thatcher and Melizar. It can’t be helped; they’re great characters.

Let me start by saying that Book 2 is just as good, if not better, than Book 1. I love the heartfelt, personal foreword and I find that the prologue answers a lot of questions I didn’t even know I had about Melizar’s history, from Book 1. I find this author to be very clever in the way he dishes out information about his characters. You get snippets here and there, when it’s important, but you never feel like you’re missing out on anything until you discover the secret. It’s the way I want to read a book; I don’t know something is missing until I’m told about it.

As usual, this book gets straight into the action right away. My boys are excellent, as always, and really grow during the course of this book. Probably as the author intended, I feel like every new chapter is a new journey and a new step forward for each character. It’s a display of writing skill that has quickly made David. G. Johnson one of my favourite fantasy authors. If not my absolute favourite.

This book does something that Book 1 didn’t do a lot – we go into the minds and lives of the enemy. We’re taken back and we get to see exactly what happened in Cyria before and after our Heroes left the country, and we found out a little more about just how sneaky and vindictive the Cyrian princess Tarynna can really be.

This book is about the Blue Mystic, the underhanded mage who has been helping Cyria try to cause chaos and havoc that our Heroes have constantly come up against. So in the battle with the Blue Mystic, around halfway through the book, it’s a real surprise to see that Melizar could be beaten by them.  He’s a big strapping lad, with lots of magical skill and knowledge, but I really worried about him during that fight, as I worried about them all. I’m Team Heroes all the way, for this series, but I have to be honest about this and admit that I gave a little ‘whoop’ of joy when they turned it fight around and Melizar did his little bone trick. It was pretty epic. Though, I do feel sorry for my poor Thatcher, after the whole Xiao incident. But he’s only a boy and he’ll learn.

The reveal of the Blue Mystic’s identity couldn’t have been more of a surprise. It was such a clever choice and very unexpected; I never saw it coming from a mile away. Another big surprise was Gideon’s first stop after arriving at Paryn’s Gate. Seeing the King etc, was expected, but where he went after dark was quite the shock. But it made perfect sense, and it also explained quite a few things that I’d been wondering about. I’m very interested to see where this revelation takes us.

I must admit that I really love the relationship between Thatcher and Melizar; they’re an unlikely duo, but I think they’re great together. I love that they teach each other new things and neither has the ego that makes it awkward or embarrassing for them to learn from someone so different to them. It’s the same when Goldain learns from Arreya. That’s good too, because too often you find male characters in fantasy book, in books in general, unwilling to learn anything from a woman, or even give her this much trust. It was so good to see that Thatcher was able to use his skills and his new teachings, to help the group. I really think he’s got more to show us later.

Now, yes, unfortunately I have to mention the sad parts. I don’t want to, because I still get teary thinking about it but here goes. Ari. His entire back-story had me sniffling at one in the morning; it was very sad, but also a good lesson for Gideon, to change his mind. I’m glad it did. I think that decision will be important later in Book 3. King Paryn and King Cyrus getting together, as well, was one that had me full out crying. The meeting was almost painfully beautiful and yet utterly simple. Such skill in the writing, to make it feel both at the same time.

Overall, this story is as brilliant as Book 1, and I can’t wait for part 3. Everything about it is pretty much perfect. Anything less than 5 stars is a travesty.

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