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Author Spotlight: Kyle Adams

I am so super excited to thank Kyle Adams for stopping by the blog and offering us an incredible excerpt from his new novel ‘A Gay Romance‘, co-written with Gina Rogers out now.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to buy the book.


Ram swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. “You sure you’re okay?” he asked, his protective alpha instincts taking over.
“Yeah, I’m fine. All that and I didn’t get hurt until I got out of Frank’s car and scraped my elbow on the door.” Kory held up his arm, showing them a fresh cut that was bleeding a little.
“Ooh, I’ve got this,” Blake said unzipping a pouch on his utility belt. He whipped out some alcohol pads to disinfect the cut then tore open a Band-Aid. Not wanting even his best friend to touch Kory, Ram took the supplies from him and gently cleaned the cut before placing the Band-Aid over it. When he was all done he looked up. Kory’s gaze briefly met his own before he looked down.
“A unicorn Band-Aid. I love it. Thanks, Blake.” Kory smiled.
“You’re welcome. I just hope it doesn’t give someone else a reason to accost you. I gave one to a little girl who got hurt at the park last week. Her mom found her buried in the sandbox a half an hour later with nothing but her scraped knee exposed, the unicorn Band-Aid stolen.” He shook his head, his remorse over the lost unicorn obvious.
“Don’t worry,” Kory chuckled, “I’ll be sure to avoid any daycares on my walk home.”
“I’ll drive you,” Ram told him.
“I don’t need a chauffeur. I can walk.”
“I said I’ll drive you.”
“Yes. You’re obviously a target. You need police protection.”
“Fine.” Kory stood and Ram followed him, staying right up in his personal space. “Blake can drive me home.”
Ram grabbed Kory’s arm when he tried to step around him. “No,” Ram growled, fueled by his need to protect what was his. “Until we figure out what the killer is after I’m placing you in witness protection. Our department has a policy for occasions just like this that allows any officer to immediately forego any and all other duties in order to provide for the safety of any constituent in our jurisdiction that we deem to be at risk and extremely attractive.”
“That last part was my idea,” Blake proudly chimed in.
Kory tore his arm free and stormed towards the station. “I have a life, you know, and I don’t need some big growling cop following me around everywhere. I’m going to have Andrea call me a cab and I’m going home.”
“Please,” Ram said the word he knew Kory couldn’t refuse.
“Shit,” Kory mumbled, hand on the door. His shoulders sagged in defeat and he turned away from the door. “I call shotgun,” he told Blake.
“No way.” Blake held both hands up. “My nerves can’t take any more today. In fact, I think I’ve done more than enough work already. I’m going to go play some skee ball and then head to the spa to relax and let go of my worries. You’re on your own.”
Ram watched as his partner disappeared into the station. “Let’s go,” he ordered Kory. “The sooner you’re safe the better.”
“Why do you care all of a sudden?” Kory asked him.
“Because you’re mine,” Ram growled.
Kory took a step closer to him and laid a hand on his chest. Ram shivered, he could feel his nipples straining, as if they were trying to get closer to where Kory touched him. Ram leaned down a little when Kory stood on his toes and whispered in his ear, “Can I play with the sirens?”
“Anything,” he moaned.
Kory smiled then and winked at him before bounding down the stairs towards Ram’s patrol car.
“I’m in way over my head,” Ram mumbled to himself before he followed Kory to the car.

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