I’m very happy with my theme, so don’t worry, that’s not what I’m going to change. What I have changed is the layout of the pages. There were getting to be a tad too many of them when there didn’t have to be, so you’ll probably notice that I’ve done a reshuffle.

Here’s how things stand now: (left to right):

Home – this is where you’ll find all current posts, in order.

Buy – what it says on the tin. This is where you’ll find all Buy links for my books. There is also a drop down menu for…

Giveaways – where I’ll advertise any Goodreads or FB giveaways, if and when they crop up. This is also where I’ll show my Book Trailers, when there are no giveaways to view.

Goodreads Challenge – tells you about the challenges that I will be doing. It has a drop down menu for each year…

2013 – all 2013 Goodreads challenges

2014 – all 2014 Goodreads challenges

Novels – this is where you’ll find the covers and blurbs for all my available books and information on upcoming releases. The submenus are for non-published novels…

Evander’s Trilogy – this is where you’ll get the description of the trilogy, the trilogy cover and an individual cover for all three books.

Book 1: Blood in, Blood Out – this is where you get the blurb and cover for book one. Each chapter will be a page linked to this one.

The SOA Chronicles – an introduction to the series, and a link to excerpts on my website.

The Runaway Girl OST can be found here, as a linked page.

The DCF Series – about the series, and small covers for each book, in order.

Book 1: Perfectly Criminal – all episodes of each chapter in this first season. Episodes 1-4 are currently available.

Reviews – all books I’ve reviewed, organised by series.

2013 – all 2013 reviews by month

2014 – all 2014 reviews by month

About – about me, as an author and as an individual.

2014 Goals – my goals for this year, updated regularly

Features – all features where me or my books have been the main focus of the post on another blog or review site.

Pay it Forward – what Pay it Forward is all about

Authors – a list of authors and their social media links

Bloggers – a list of bloggers and their social media links

Publishers and Author Services – a list of publishers and places that offer author services and their social media links

Wattpadders – a list of Wattpad writers and their social media links

Booking – where I describe what I offer, how and how you can contact me with your requests.

Contact – where you can get direct links to every social media site I’m on, if you want to contact me directly.


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