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Since coming to Hot Ink Press, an imprint of CHBB (Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly) it’s been amazing. The biggest, and probably the most incredible, thing for me is the unity and support you receive. Whether it be a lit sister or brother, management or the owner SJ, it’s incredible. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of such a strong team, where everyone is equal. (yes, equally nutty too) This is my comfort zone and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

~ by Piper Kay

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About the Author:


Piper Kay International Best Selling m/m erotica romance author. International Best Selling Author, erotica romance author, mm erotica romance published with Hot Ink Press. Author of Eight Second Cowboy, Author in the Naughty Box, A Perfect Passion and Twisted Cherry. The Passion Series-A Perfect Passion and coming soon Payce’s Passion, Book Two.

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Hi. My names Simone Young and I write adult horror and thrillers via Vamptasy Publishing and Elaine has asked me to tell you how I became a member of our #onehouseunited. I was a member of a Facebook group for writers where the talented Riley Steel asked for shorts for a Halloween anthology to raise money. After I submitted a short story titled ‘Red Eyes’ she published it as a stand alone instead, separate from the anthology. It was then the we realised that she was married to one of my many cousins. Several months later she sold Vamptasy to the lovely SJ Davis. Another member of the family asked for shorts for another anthology. I submitted ‘Shattered Soul’ and she recommended that I send it to SJ as it didn’t fit the anthology but it was ideal for a stand alone novels. It was realised march 1st and is constantly up and down in the ranking and has two five star reviews. I am currently working on book one of at least five and I’m hoping to share it soon.
~ Simone Young
shattered souls

About the Author:

simone young

Simone is a graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, UK, with a Bachelors degree in Forensic Science and Criminology who has always enjoyed the more gory side of life.  She started writing when she was able to string a sentence together, starting with changing fairy tales, to fan fiction and after writing academic papers at university she started with her own novels. Her first book released was Red Eyes, via Vamptasy for Halloween of 2012 and then her first major release was Shattered Souls on march  1st 2014. She is currently working on a multi book series and hopes to entertain others with her writing.

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