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A Writer’s Best Friend

I am in love with my Kindle. That’s no lie. I love it. To pieces. I got my first Kindle, which was the Kindle Keyboard free with my mobile phone upgrade. It was amazing and lasted weeks before I needed to charge it. Then I dropped it (thanks to damage to my nerves) and it got a little scratch on the screen. It still worked like a dream. Two years later, it was getting a little worn out. I was reading every night, sometimes for four to six hours at a time. Sometimes I was reading an entire day and then taking a two hour break before switching it back on again. Needless to say the poor thing was worked to the bone.

But, lucky me was due a new upgrade on my phone. So I found out I could get Kindle Fire free with the phone I wanted. I snatched that offer up and I’ve been loving it ever since. It has a scratch too, since I’m a total cluts, but it still works as it did when it came out the box.

Ever since I got it, and I found it can do more than just read books, I’ve been exploring a little of what it can do. Music is great. Reading documents is even better. Highlighting and note taking is brilliant for making notes and editing books I’ve newly completed. But the really great stuff are the apps. So here’s a rundown of my favourite so far.



Price: Free

This app allows you to read Wattpad stories offline, as well as allowing you to update, post, comment and vote on your own and other stories while online. A great tool for when you’re away from your computer.

Lists for Writers


Price: £1.27

I love this. There are things that we all forget when we’re writing and names that we can’t come up with. This one gives you lists under such headings as Phobias, Conflicts, 36 Dramatic Situations, Seven Basic Plots, Locations, First Names (male and female), Clothing and Body Types as well as Obsessions and Emotions. A must have tool for all writers.



Price: Free

This is a handy little app. Unlike others that allow you to create multiple notebooks and name them, this one has the added benefit of giving each a different design from 17 different options. Handy when you don’t have a lot of time and checking the name of each notebook will take a while. This way you can choose what you want to edit at a glance.

Periodic Table Reference


Price: Free

Now, you may be wondering why this is include, but you have to do a lot of research when you’re writing and this is one that I keep on my Kindle all the time. It’s handy when your character needs to know something you don’t to always have a readily available reference nearby. This one is one I keep because I have a character who sends encrypted notes using the periodic table as a cypher key.

First Aid


Price: Free

This is another great reference book that is worth having on your at all times.

Sky Night


Price: Free

Another great reference app to keep handy.

Character Prompts


Price: £1.91

This is a really great app if you’re stuck for inspiration or suffering that dreaded writer’s block. You have prompts available for Basic, Physical, Info, Twists and Questions. You can also add a prompt to your Favourites. One of my favourites is ‘What kind of car does the character drive?’ It sounds simple, but it’s an important piece of information if you’re going to use the car often.

Under Basic you get information like Character’s Role (Mentor), First and Last Name (Mathilde Sauls), Age (50), Current Residence (Palo Pinto, USA, Population: 28,221) and Occupation (Sheet Metal Worker, Income: $194,000 a year).

Under Physical you get things like Height (5’7″), Weight (227lbs), Eye Colour (Sky Blue), Hair Colour (Dark Red), Shape of Face (Diamond), Skin Colour (Dark European), Distinguishing Features (wears dark glasses) and Nationality (Kuwaiti).

Info includes Bad Habit (committing adultery), Style (20s), Trait (Callous), Hobby (association football), and Favourite Saying (“The Moral Majority are the people our ancestors came from Europe to escape.”)

Twists can include things like – Is a murderer.

Questions can ask – How does the character deal with conflict?

Overall, you get a wide view of your main character and all the personal information you need about then to get a story going. Great, huh?

Romantic Love Quotes


Price: Free

This is a great one if you’re looking for blog posts, FB status updates or to give your character a great favourite quote in a romantic novel.

Brilliant Quotes


Price: Free

Again, a great one for fabulous quotes. This one, however, doesn’t restrict itself to romantic quotes. Great if you want a smart-aleck lawyer or politician spouting quotes to justify their actions.

Random Number


Price: Free

This one is fantastic for doing giveaways. You insert the number of entries you have and then ask it to pick a random number between 1 and your number of entries. It takes the stress and dilemma of choosing away from you.

Medical Dictionary and Thesaurus


Price: Free

This is great for those medical dramas, or medical emergencies you want to insert into your stories. You get the correct phrases and the explanation of what it’s all about. Priceless!

Name Dice


Price: Free

This one is my favourite. You open it up and it rolls the dice to give you two names, a first and a last, for your character. For example: Roll 1 gives us ‘Kai Robinson’. Roll 2 gives us Martina Bass and Roll 3 comes up with Emilio Stevens. Awesome, right?

Of course, these are just the apps that I use. There are a million more out there and I’d love to hear what you think of them. Let me know what apps you love to use and if you can send me the link. I want to hear about them.

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