15 Facts About Me

1. I’m a Scorpio and I’m true to my star sign. I can hold grudges with the best of them and I’m highly curious. If I was a cat, I wouldn’t have any more lives left. To read more about my star sign, check here. I was also lucky enough to have my picture taken with Scorpio from the UK TV Show Gladiators: This is my and my sis (yes, I always had wacky dress sense, but I was trying to set a trend. Sadly, it didn’t work. And yes, I know she was almost popping out of that leotard. She actually did at one point, I think, but let’s not go there.)


2. I have a massive music addiction. In fact, I can’t listen to Little Mix ‘Move’, Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’ or Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ without dancing in my seat. I also have a really problematic twitch – when Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ or Anna Kendrick’s mash-up from Pitch Perfect ‘Bellas Finals: Price Tag / Don’t You (Forget About Me) / Give Me Everything / Just the Way You Are / Party In the U.S.A. / Turn the Beat Around’ come on, I have to put my hand in the air. I can’t help it. It’s automatic. When Macklemore says ‘So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us’ that’s exactly what I do. And when Anna Kendrick says ‘I say: La la la…’ I HAVE to put my hand up, just like she does in the film. It’s ridiculously embarrassing, but there you go…the story of my life. 😛

3. I was really tall for my age, right up until I turned seventeen, when I had chemo treatment. I have no idea if the two are related or not, but about that time I stopped growing so now I’m just average height at 5’9″.

4. I’ve actually been on an elephant. But I was a kid and it was a circus elephant, so it’s a little less amazing, but still pretty awesome:

5. I was a total daddy’s girl growing up, but now I’m closer to my mum. We were like glue through my treatment and it’s never changed.

6. I loooove to dance. Though my limbs might not like it so much now, I used to be pretty good at it. I could even do a tame version of an Irish jig.

7. I can churn out an adult or New Adult MM romance in half the time it takes me to write a YA or male-female story. I have no idea why, that’s just how it is.

8. The quickest I’ve ever written a story was in three days. It was book 2 of the Esthim series, The 1st 6 Months, and was around 18 Chapters and 67,950 words.

9. This year, I completed my 51st story. It’s an MM YA romance called ‘To Serve You Well’. It’s the 46th novel I have completed, ready for editing and then publishing. The other 5 stories are 4 short stories and 1 short story told entirely through poetry. It is called ‘Let You Go’ and it is an accompaniment to my current work, an MM novel ‘The Cellist’.

10. I have 45 story ideas waiting to be written. Some are purely at the ‘idea’ stage or less than a paragraph while others can have anywhere up to 60 pages of notes. The more pages of notes, the sooner I will write it, because that means the idea is fresh and complete and there’s nothing but small details to work out.

11. I have a massive TBR list both on Goodreads and on my Amazon wish list. Sometimes I can barely remember adding a book to it, because it’s been sitting there so long. But I very rarely delete books from my list; I put them there for a reason, so I do plan to get round to them at some point.

12. I’m also a bit of a Free Book Junkie. When there are free books on Amazon, and I come across them, I can’t resist. I’ll try just about anything unless the reviews or blurb really put me off. I also check my Kindle Books wish list every day, sorting them by price, just in case a book I really want is on offer for Free or for a really good bargain.

13. I’m nuts about conspiracies. I’m of the mind that Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood were murdered, and there was more than one shooter at JFK’s assassination. I’ve studied all three cases very closely over the years with numerous books and movies on the subjects. I also spent a whole day watching two two-hour programs on the History channel on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination two years ago, watching and listening to all the evidence. And I’m very sorry to say that my Scorpio side comes out every time I see a picture of Christopher Walken or Robert Wagner. I’m convinced they killed or murdered Natalie Wood; I’m undecided if it’s an accident that they covered up or just plain old murder, but either way I’m not a fan of either of them.

14. I’m a sucker for a bargain. I was in a little shop called The Glory Hole a few years ago, up in Tighnabruaich, a little village in Argyll and Bute. We were just browsing the shops at random since there weren’t many of them and we found this little charity shop to be interesting. I was nosying around and found a typewriter sitting on the floor, in a black box. Well, as a writer and as a total history buff, I wanted one. When I saw the price tag, only £5, I picked it up, box and all and told my mum I had to have it. I wouldn’t leave the shop without it. So I bought it and put it in the car, all excited by my brilliant find. We went other places and eventually got back to our cabin in Dunoon, where we were staying on holiday. I was going to clean the box because it was clearly very old and had been neglected, the poor thing. So I pulled the heavy Royal typewriter out of the box and was shocked by what I found. Inside it said it belonged to a Flight Lieutenant of the Voluntary sector of the Royal Air Force. I was gobsmacked, but very excited. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out more information about my mystery Lieutenant, but I hope to one day. It would be a nice little story to add to the beautiful machine.

15. Lastly, though not least, I have to confess that I’m a complete and utter dork for Disney Princesses. I have a collection of them, in various shapes and sizes. My favourite has always been Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora/Briar Rose. I can’t say why, but it’s always been my favourite film, my favourite princess and Philip is my favourite Disney Prince. It’s pretty perfect to me, actually. ❤


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