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Pin and Tumble – The Same Love Edition

This is a special little ditty about the best Pinterest and Tumblr pictures and websites I’ve found. I’m not actually on Tumblr but I’m addicted to some of the sites so this is where we’re going to celebrate some of my favourites. And yes, this is about gay love. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This is about celebrating and educating the world on one simple fact: LOVE IS LOVE. Gender and Sexuality have nothing to do with it. You love who you love and NO-ONE should disrespect that.

I’ve tried to keep this as equal as possible, showing both something for the girls and something for the boys. As a straight girl who likes boys, however, I am more inclined to like the guy pics. Give me a kick if I’m being unfair towards one side and not the other. I need it.


Gay Pride, Hot and Cute Guys

My favourite is ‘Born This Way‘, where you can find images like the following:

96a614f6e27e7dfd8c66e587fbae891e   b933701ae2c9a2ba891e9e16b6d9d53c  d52dd875797c2e7aa7dfb34d91ad0e70 a2a3b1bb73b8e55484ed612ace3519e0

Then there’s the ‘Coming Out The Closet‘ board where you can find:

4ebd7d4ff40a52694818ba94563d3db1 aeb307b474c0100647332bebaa035fa6   c84f814f635725b26b82655e14933464 3968002863439327d88bc73e357cbe24

Boys Kissing‘ has these adorable little morsels:

627480d294f0e52f35e55031d47d9759  48d438050e40b0d5efbf70d626aded74 a036c359dc9fc13fe58dcce97b3d61ea f3e3ec3f848b20647b16196fd979cf3f

Mary Gorham Malia

From her ‘Gay Girl Dating Coach‘ board:

846724fa578a17e9e06f66aee41ddb3f 89ca1016b7b2833232043ed1c24abeb2 6aa07fe675f86eb346f9506fcb7b1766 b7d2d147bd36334748f2c0fef6ce17f0

From her board ‘Gay Girl World‘:

fe0c0aa5de275676472e90ded23adeba 8d39b3e534406644561c587f3dd5ed06 945eaa34c3d29e945bdb8b096fea8077 7311a79575b65578952159ef2db54074

Firenze 53

The board ‘Gay Shots‘ has these awesome pics:

91dfa4a17a14d7f8cf80e7621ed7a666 867966564b241cfcf3e68a09011fb1f1  13692287d5d2da97efeac28d4f065395 f57f814ae6c6b49235028c6705aeb00f  bcb19625aa362d1389bc0b4fb0874c09

And we all know that we love ‘Cowboys‘:

2afb827f2016856c2cee2a3e80bdf3d6 f89980394f3396f5f7a0fbdefe3abf80    021bb3579714a44882681de14201fdbe  020a162741cb137f9b63b4bc00a0bb68 6a5fd63db838ea992a7c001a4965661a

I’m especially in love with this board ‘Love is Love…however!‘:

    8c4a2879bc0b71cd785b1a0901426b1c 38439ceb7d310e094bd5b38266bf39dd  b7698572c6a8911cd52672f62308a795 ca7037c5c2a201c4bc4c6df0353ab1b3  c99bd2cd8e8254da8ebc27fe2ca5bb51   <———– Click on this image and read the amazing story behind the picture.

Karrie Jax

This board, ‘Love is Love‘ is a particular beauty:

e68f7575f3f36fb0889f4febea68fea6 551545a1b779e98fa9042633a0d350cc 3665c348765a0d270a213d0bf81d305a  469d0729c839c11b096e1564a982fec2

Melody Dunning

This is from her board ‘Gay Girl Inspirations and More‘:

467112901ec8126b1dfdde8d67448f1f 0ebcb572c3a16ef8d1860e71d15ba32e 3766090e05a6221db195f69d7e0a906b 34d46eb12ff8b4a45c26d5b1d86d4f42 d0c9a4546452c136babe2775771e1592

From ‘Good Karma Kisses – No Nudity‘, we get these lovelies:

a20d3d14a00263f18d59b9b68c225743  0fe2eb8ebb2d5045b29226dcd55570be  1f98eacafe59815388a1e664bb24b8ad  0a9408c734eb08cb922bd8c84d505a74  a334127de2ba58fe89e48d21645eb469



(Fuck Yeah Dudes Kissing)

Make sure you click on the gif as there are nine different images.

  tumblr_ms92nhsScJ1ru85rro2_r1_250 (1)    tumblr_n54l3eSvdH1shqf1go1_500 tumblr_n4m5g2yMOT1qk3o6xo1_500 tumblr_n14epuGOfG1trwnoso1_500  tumblr_n0ltk7VACT1qbd42jo1_500

Capture This

tumblr_mvjhl4KVM01rxam6ko1_500 tumblr_n4awcyKo791syjzhao1_1280 tumblr_n53i9zM1vj1st9wsko1_500 tumblr_mz9ht7ze8W1rwuj4qo1_400  tumblr_ms9q2so5521rwuj4qo1_500 tumblr_mz9hzsuYCQ1rwuj4qo1_400

Gay Love. Same Love

tumblr_n0odtyp2bn1tqjuuqo1_500 tumblr_n4rwiiyip51sljcu9o1_500 tumblr_n4kxy757Pq1t6fkjao1_500 tumblr_n43b62yig91sljcu9o1_500

Just Lesbians

tumblr_mhaqzm1iae1s2oglko1_r1_500 tumblr_n4m3omTdu51s273q8o1_500tumblr_n3qbge0Qod1twgoxao1_500 tumblr_n3ixvxymXI1s273q8o1_500  tumblr_n4azamcxvO1sjfgq7o2_500

Gay Romance

tumblr_mf5i3dl1xB1qlauz4o1_1280 tumblr_n53iki6cyc1tz7yovo1_1280 tumblr_mopi5nlZSp1s1pp1go1_500


(Fuck Yeah Girls Kissing)

tumblr_mx6lkfEfcI1st9v41o1_500 tumblr_m3n6qlszq81r7sjklo1_500 tumblr_lu6cp5mXLg1qa4i0no1_500 tumblr_lmfgr7tKLG1qejow1o1_250 tumblr_md8uwevTuw1qa4i0no1_500

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