Beta Readers Wanted!

Beta Readers Wanted!

Decadent is an MM Romance about a teenage boy faced with an impossible choice – friendship or his new relationship. This story deals with love at first sight and MM romance. It is due for release in early August.

The story centers around Lachlan Meran, a high school student. Lachlan is about to confess his love for his girlfriend Orion, when the unexpected happens. Circumstances break them apart.

With a complete emotional decline, he resorts to drinking heavily to forget his heartache and accidentally meets Cormag, the hot new Museum manager. Cormag also happens to be lonely and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. And despite Lachlan’s purely straight life so far, he finds himself attracted to the openly gay manager. With a little help from alcohol and an annoying best friend, he gives in to that attraction and somehow finds himself half naked in Cormag’s library…and stranger still, enjoying himself.

Lachlan struggles to maintain his usual life, his friendship with best friend Konnor and his feelings for Orion. Everything is given up for the joy Cormag gives him. Konnor pushes him to label himself gay or straight and to break off his new ‘relationship’ with the hot manager, but Lachlan refuses on both counts.

He struggles to find a way to keep his new boyfriend and his best friend, particularly as the two clash brutally.

Lachlan learns the one lesson in life that will save him from this awful situation. To get by in life he’s going to have to break out of the box. He can no longer live his life according to other people and their demands. For the first time, he’s going to have to take control of his own destiny…and it might just pay off.

The Beta Reader must be able to leave a review after reading.

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