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Decadent – Coming Soon


(This is still unofficial – and long – and is subject to change)

“Decadent is a story that deals with love at first sight and MM romance and centers around the MC Lachlan Meran. He is a high school student about to graduate and find his way in the world. He thinks his life is set on its course and all he has to do is make a few decisions to keep it on track. That is, until the complete mental breakdown that one person’s actions cause in his life.

 Lachlan is about to confess his love for his girlfriend Orion, when unexpected events cause a complete emotional decline. He resorts to drinking heavily to forget his heartache and accidentally meets Cormag, the hot new Museum manager. Cormag also happens to be lonely and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. And despite Lachlan’s purely straight life so far, he finds himself attracted to the openly gay manager. With a little help from alcohol and an annoying best friend, he gives in to that attraction and somehow finds himself half naked in Cormag’s library…and stranger still, enjoying himself.
Lachlan struggles to maintain his usual life, his friendship with best friend Konnor and his feelings for Orion. Everything is given up for the joy Cormag gives him. He struggles to find a way to keep his new boyfriend and his best friend, particularly as the two clash brutally.



Here’s a sneaky peek at the model who will be on the front cover. This is NOT the actual cover image, just a glimpse of the lovely model I will be using for the cover pic. He’s got some fantastic ones available, so I’ll leave you guessing over which I’ll be using. I will also tell you now that Decadent will have a follow up story, and, very possibly, if you’re very nice, a short story too. 😉 I have to admit that I really love this picture. It has a Clark Kent, superhero vibe to it that I just love.




To be nice, I’m giving you a little (NOT officially edited) excerpt of Decadent, to whet your appetites. This is about 20 pages in, when Lachlan first meets the hot museum manager, Cormag.


“Konnor pulled up to the bar with a drawn out sigh. He’d been delayed from picking Lachlan up by his fruitless search for his best friend as well as a lengthy phone call argument with Coly, who threatened to kill the idiot for leaving them to worry for so long.

He felt like thumping Lachlan himself, until he walked into the pub to find him laughing his head off with some unknown guy at the bar.

When Matteo said he’d been getting hit on while he was getting drunk Konnor assumed he meant by a woman. To see he was being approached by a guy, who he was leaning far too close to, was a concern. Lachlan was the straightest guy he knew.

It was only coming on for three o’clock in the afternoon and both the boys at the bar were clearly hammered. “Lachlan.” He called to his friend as he approached. He surprised him by turning and throwing his arms out with a broad smile.

Konnor! Come meet Cormag. He’s my new friend.” He announced with a laugh, only to sling his arm around Cormag’s neck and pull him close. Konnor was about to scold him for flirting when he leaned in close to his ‘new friend’, just about letting their lips touch. “This is Konnor. He lied about alcohol. He said it was my friend. I say…you are my friend.” He laughed, before turning back to the bar and lifting two shot glasses. He handed one to Cormag and raised one in a salute. “To friends!”

Friends.” Cormag agreed with a grin, clinking their glasses and downing the drink. Lachlan coughed a little after downing his and shook his head.

Disgusting,” he decreed.

Too right. Now let’s get you home.” Konnor decided he’d seen enough. It was time to get Lachlan back to his house and sober, before anyone found out what he’d been getting up to.

Aw, don’t go. I thought you were the fun one?” Cormag wagged a finger at him and turned to Lachlan with sad eyes. “You can’t go. We were just starting to have fun.” He protested, cupping his hand around Lachlan’s neck. “You were flirting with me.” He admitted with a cheeky smile. Lachlan turned beetroot and smiled back, shocking Konnor to his boots.

So I was.” He agreed, before turning to face Konnor with a straight face. “I am staying with my friend Cormag. You can either join us or piss off.” He followed the words up with a pleading look that Konnor wasn’t buying.

It didn’t help that Cormag was now leaning his forehead on Lachlan’s shoulder, his hand far too high up on the inside of his thigh or that Matteo was laughing at their antics. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t let Lachlan get drunk out of his mind and seduced by some older guy just because he didn’t want to cater to his drunken rambles. He didn’t want to see whether Lachlan was a violent drunk either, if he tried to forcibly remove him from the bar. He planted himself in the free seat on Lachlan’s other side and glared at Matteo for letting his friend get drunk.

Do you see that?” Lachlan whispered to his friend. “He’s staying,” he said, in an exaggerated whisper. “Now we can get him drunk.”

Maybe,” Cormag began, lifting his head from Lachlan’s shoulder to evaluate him. “We should get you sober again?” he suggested. Lachlan pouted at him and he smiled. “That’s not fair. You are far too gorgeous when you look like that.” He smiled as he leaned in to kiss Lachlan.

Konnor noticed the very slight move forward, the way Lachlan’s eyes met Cormag’s. There were signs of reciprocation there. Before their lips could meet, he grabbed his best friend by the shoulders and dragged him off his stool. Cormag was the only one not laughing when Lachlan landed on his butt, on the floor.


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