June Update

This post is a bit of a general update and a bit of a babble. I’m not feeling quite myself at the moment and it’s been really hard to get anything done. I keep getting distracted, can’t concentrate, can’t get comfortable and have no energy or will to do anything that requires effort. There’s nothing I can really pinpoint, but I’m feeling really run down and it’s been a few weeks now since it started.

I feel even worse because I’ve got around ten-twenty books waiting to be read and reviewed and I haven’t got the will to open any of them. Not only do I have books to read, but I’ve got books to write, edit, rewrite and mostly just fix. But I can’t do any of that. I’ve got two novels that are nearly done, with maybe only a handful of chapters left to write and I can’t write them.


Here’s a list of books that I need to read and review. Hopefully before the end of another month:

This isn’t the complete list, but it’s everything on my Goodreads ‘Currently Reading List’ at the moment. There are way more beyond that. Without going through my entire Kindle library, I have around 50 books waiting to be read. Some are new and ‘must reads’ and some are books that have been waiting a long time to get that first page turned.

I’m actually considering doing this to my books to help me out –



Also on the blog, I’ve got a few things coming up:

  • More chapters of ‘Blood In, Blood Out‘ in case anyone is reading that. Click on the title for the latest installment.
  • Pages are scheduled to upload new chapters of ‘Perfectly Criminal‘ on a regular basis as well so always check the drop down tab for that.
  • There’s a little blog post I wrote about what it’s really like to be a writer, that you might find interesting.
  • Hopefully all of the above books will be getting reviewed soon. Here’s a list of all previous reviews until then.
  • I’m also continuing this month’s Pay it Forward Image feature, with some nice inspiring photographs to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Dirty Little Secret #7 will be posting early next month. Here’s #6 if you missed it.
  • I also have a few features this week that I hope will interest you: a bit about the various genres a writer has to wrestle with when categorising their work, some excerpts and cover info, and I’m already planning another Pin and Tumble post just in case you’re interested in that too. Here’s the Author Pin and Tumble if you missed that, and the Same Love Edition too.


Now that the update is over, thanks for sticking with me even when I feel like this. I ❤ you all this much….


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