Pay It Forward

Pin and Tumble – The Man Love Edition

This is a special little ditty about the best Pinterest and Tumblr pictures and websites I’ve found. I’m not actually on Tumblr but I’m addicted to some of the sites so this is where we’re going to celebrate some of my favourites. And yes, this is about gay love. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This is about celebrating and educating the world on one simple fact: LOVE IS LOVE. Gender and Sexuality have nothing to do with it. You love who you love and NO-ONE should disrespect that.


Jersey City Pride

I love this ‘Quotes to Live By‘ board:

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This ‘Colors of Pride‘ board has some amazing pics:

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Melissa Hopkins

LGBT Things‘ has some awesome pics for you to grab and pin to your board:

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I love, love, love this board too. Can you tell? 😉 Check out ‘Gay Love (Male)‘:

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William Rawlins

There’s something so artistically beautiful about these images from ‘Gay‘:

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Daniel Coombs

Check out the hotness that is ‘Eye Candy!!‘ I mean…phew!

bef4843818299867cda3581bf4981892  359cc2f05ae9563b7e567c4a69505d9e  1cba3516f861278ba9b7010ab7ace9e0  a0da5b6e75247c4721e26addda8abf40

and the awesome ‘Cute Gay Couples‘:

79effa7aab4a6ada7492401e2a6d1377   dfc2d5b4aaa97bb7c3e167a5fd51af91   62eec3185561b6abafc8852cd52dd673   Gay Wedding


Sweet, Sweet Man Love

tumblr_msu3dgfmnc1qf2xkdo1_500  tumblr_m5z9epOFaF1qin3w6o2_250 tumblr_mcja1bUUoR1qkremvo1_250

Gay Teenss

Please be sure to use the TAGS option for this site. It’s for all gay teens – gay and lesbian – and some of it is 18+ and NSFW

tumblr_n7pshjEcB71sl58fuo1_500   tumblr_n6xjfokzb31rl4tkuo1_500  tumblr_n10wbv2OBK1s1n4p9o1_400

And this one – this particularly special picture – needs to be big BIG and BIGGER because it is the real beauty of strength, love and resilience. I’m just sorry that anyone who wants to show off their love has to use those first few, heartbreaking words.


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