Pay It Forward

Author Resources: Videos

Here are some websites where you can find video resources for book trailers; images, special effects and background images.

Ignite Motion

fluidLightcore_2 bluebubbles tunnel Androm_Spin free-video-explosion

Give Me Free Art

image_16 image_36 Romance-Heart WWF-RAW-Intro-Animation Jigsaw-Puzzle

Movie Tools

WD0210_37c0cf1ec7baeefcd344277b814aea4d WD0199_962b209125811c523e060fa7b69a234d WD0221_612e6952f72bfa052f1410ca6c84a7ca WD0223_792c4e2302f37d24a4dc97fffb3122a4


BodyScan SickleCells FOOTAGECRATE-EarthquakeHole footagecrate-futuristicsniperhud FOOTAGECRATE-OldFilmLook3

Beachfront B-Roll

Grass Blowing Birds on Wood Falls Timelapse_Slower Final_1 Waveform BodyScan


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