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How to: use

I use to make all my Wattpad covers. It’s also great for making posters, facebook covers etc. Anything that requires image manipulation and text can be done here. You can also create collages, which is great for book character posters.


Step 1:

The first thing you have to do is register for free. Why? So that Ribbet will save all of your work/images and creations so that you can come back. I often make spelling mistakes or want to change how an image looks for an event. Sometimes I just want to change the hue or the size and shape of the image, so if everything is saved on Ribbet’s site then you don’t have to start from scratch. It wills ave up to 100 images and a creation history. At the moment it has 717 of my creations saved.

Step 2:

You can upload an image from your computer, Facebook, Google, Flickr, Picassa, your Webcam, the saved history or a Website. So, choose a picture. Here’s what I’m going to pick (this is one of my own photographs, of my dog):


Click the big red button, Upload Photos:

ribbet 1

Step 3:

Now to turn your image into a suitable cover/poster. We’ll start with a book cover.

Here are your edit options. In the bottom right corner you’ll see that it has a zoom option, and it has a little warning sign beside the size of the photo. If you leave the image this big it will take up a lot of space and be overlarge for whatever you want to use it for. First off we have to resize the image to something more appropriate. Here’s the main menu that you’ll see:

ribbet 2

Press the little triangle icon next to the size and this will show up:

ribbet 3

Now you want to click ‘Resize this photo smaller’ and Ribbet will do it automatically. But because this picture is so big it goes from 2640 x 1980 to 2000 x 1500. To me, this is still too big so we’ll do this manually. On the left menu click ‘resize’.

ribbet 4

You want to keep proportions to keep the quality, unless you know you can change the proportions without affecting the image quality. If you keep this box ticked, once you change 2000 to 1000 it automatically changes 1500 to 750. Now that it’s done, we want to do some fancy stuff.

Step 4:

Click on ‘Effects’ in the top menu. You will get a lot of choices, but here’s a few options:

They won’t be laid out like this; this is purely for explanation purposes.

ribbet 5

I’m going to use Boost, True Vintage (Camera Mode: Polaroid), Soften and Matte first, in that option:

ribbet 6

Step 5:

Now that we have out altered image we’ll crop it to pick out the best part for a cover. We have to go back to Basic Edits and choose crop. Then we need to go into Frames and choose a frame from these options:

ribbet 8

I’m going to choose the Before and After first, then rounded edges and mirrored frame, so that we end up with this.

ribbet 9

Step 6:

Now we add text. Click on the ‘Text’ menu button. You can either choose one of the fonts provided by Ribbet (shown below) or you can upload your own using this button:

ribbet 10

I’m going to use the fonts provided by Ribbet to make a title and author label for the cover. (Obviously this isn’t going to be used as a cover, because of the image quality and context, but it is only a sample option) When you enter text, this is what you’re going to see. This is where you can alter the size, colour and effect of the text. You get even more options if you right click the text. Here I’m going to use the ‘duplicate type’ option to duplicate the text exactly as it is, and then change the colour of that text to be a shadow. Then I’ll send the shadow text to the back using the right click option.

ribbet 11

Here’s a few different text options. If you want to tilt a text then click on the text you want to tilt and you’ll see a small dot at the top of the text box. Using this will allow you to turn to the right or left. In the text box you also have the option of turning the text upside down or flipping it from side to side.

ribbet 12

Now we have our cover. It’s exactly the same to make a poster, just with different dimensions.

Step 7:

Now we save the outcome. You can do this by screenshot, but that won’t save it with Ribbet. To save with Ribbet, you have to click save:

ribbet 13

Once you do, you’ll see this. Then when you click the big red ‘Save Photo’ you’ll get to choose which folder of your computer you want to save it then. Then you’re done.

ribbet 14


Step 1:

ribbet 1

Click the green button ‘Create Collage’ and you’ll be taken to this page:

ribbet 15

I’m going to use the celebrity images to make a Book Characters collage. To do this you can use the ‘upload photos’ button or ‘get from computer’ button to upload new pictures, or use what is already in your basket. I’m going to use the images already here. All you need to do is click the image you want and drag it into the box where you want it. You can also move the images to other boxes and remove them just by dragging them back into the basket. In the left hand option box I’m going to choose one with six to eight image boxes.

Step 2:

I’m changing the background colour and I’m going to widen the space between the pictures. I’m also going to adjust the proportions to make it more portrait than landscape. I’ve also adjusted the kookiness and roundedness of the images to get this tilted effect:

ribbet 16

Step 3:

Now it’s time to add the text and maybe a frame too. To do this, you must first complete your collage. Click the top right green button ‘Done’ and you’ll be taken to the other edit page, that you used for the cover and poster edits from previously.

ribbet 17

Step 4:

The final product. You save it in exactly the same way as before.

ribbet 18

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