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How to: make 3D Covers (UPDATED)

Once you have an image of a book cover you want, you can go to Pixlr to covert it to 3D. You can do layers with this editor, so I’m going to use these three images to make three 3D versions of my book cover:

Final Cover - RG - Front 1314697_blank_3d_book_cover_3 dc8XM8pce

Step 1:

Here’s the first page you’ll see when you get to Pixlr.

Pixlr 1Pixlr 2

Click Editor. These are your options:

pixlr 2

Click ‘Open Image from Computer’ and choose the picture you want as the background. Use one of the blank book cover pictures first.

Step 2:

Now that you have your background image, you want to go to the Layer menu and choose ‘Open Image as Layer’. It will be far too big to begin with. Now you need to choose ‘Edit’ and then ‘Free Distort’.

pixlr 3 pixlr 4

This will let you adjust the size of your image freely, without being confined to a box-like shape. Click and drag the blue boxes at the corners until you have an approximate size and shape (image one below), then lay your image over the top book cover in your blank image. Move the blue dots (the corner of your image) to the corners of the blank book covers edges as so. Click outside of the image, in the gray area, to apply changes:

pixlr 5   pixlr 6   pixlr 7

Step 3:

Repeat the process for the bottom two covers or leave them blank as per your preference. Then save your image. Voila.

pixlr 8

Step 4:

It’s exactly the same to do the other image. See here:

RG - 3D Cover

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