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Naughty never felt this good…


Breathe Into Me
18+ Can love truly conquer all?
#Paranormal #Erotica #Fantasy #Romance


Torn Between Two Worlds (Book 1 of the Guardians)
18+ “A girl with an incredible gift must choose between good & evil, love & loss”
18+ Is waking up in a strange bed always a bad thing?


Experience The Passion.
~A Perfect Passion “One must be willing to take the risk, to find the perfect passion.”
~Payce’s Passion “When past passions reignite, who will get burned?”
Coming in December
~Passion’s Pride “Pick your pride: exhilarated pleasure or a neurotic nightmare.”


Ada McEwan
Confessions of a Small Town Librarian
18+ A secret love triangle full of deception, secrets and murder, what would small town librarian do with these?


The Consumed Series by Felicia Fox
“When passion sets your soul on fire.”
Book one:
Book two:
Book three:


A Little Sex & Magic
18+ A little sex & magic just might be the cure


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