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WIP Extract – Depth Over Distance

Coming Soon…


Depth Over Distance 2



“Happy that Zack was being taken care of, and that Devon was no longer sulking, Benji took another drink from his bottle of beer. He saw the hottie at the bar glancing back for the fifth time in the last five minutes and smiled.

Those big arms and thick thighs were exactly what he wanted wrapped around him. Short dark hair, in what appeared to be an army cut, and glittering green eyes were a bonus that he didn’t normally get to see.

Benji tilted his head, to show that he was curious and waited. The well built rock of a man turned to lean his back against the bar, keeping their eyes locked on each other, as a playful smile formed on his pink lips. They were just perfect for kissing.

Before either of them could move, Zack came bounding over and flattened him. Benji laughed as he fell back onto the bench seat and wrapped his arms around Zack. He was dropping kisses all over his face.

“Thank you,” He gushed. “Thank you. Thank you. You didn’t have to. If you wanted him for yourself,” He began, sounding halfway between frantic and elated.

Benji shut him up by clamping his hand over his mouth. “Not another word. I have never had any interest in Devon.” He promised, while pushing himself to sit up.

Zack looked surprised, so he got comfortable in his seat again and held his face in his hands. “But,”

“No. I have never wanted to be anything more than Devon’s friend. I had my eye on another prize,” He hinted, with a light chuckle. “But you frightened him off.” He tormented, making sure he kept smiling so he knew he was teasing him.

Zack bit his lip with a broad smile, accepting that he’d been a little over-exuberant, without feeling the need to apologise for it. “Devon went to get me a drink. Do you want one?” He asked, clearly trying to change the subject so that he didn’t have to feel so embarrassed.

Benji let him. “Nope. I have to go find my prize and tell him I’m still on the market.” He teased again, winking as he got up from his seat. He looked around for Devon, only to spot him making his way over with two glasses. He looked as happy as Zack did. He gave his shoulder a light pat on his way past, now assured that Zack wouldn’t be on his own. He headed off to find the hottie from the bar, who had disappeared with a look of disappointment, the moment he caught sigh of Zack’s pounce.

Benji just loved to kiss someone out of a slump.”

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