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WIP Extract – Go Hard or Go Home

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Go Hard or Go Home 2




“An hour later Stone walked into the second bus, where Byron and some of the road crew were bunking. Their manager was sitting at the table in the kitchen, with a pile of paperwork sprawled across the surface.

“Why is Felix not allowed to come out as gay?” He asked outright. He wasn’t going to beat around the bush. There was only one possible reason for Felix to be so down. The fact that he had zero books on his Kindle involving a girl in any sort of romantic situation told him that the bi option was off the table.

Byron sighed and looked up at him from his papers. “How did you know he even was gay?” He asked, in return. He looked completely unsurprised, so he knew his reasoning was right. Felix was gay and he’d been told to keep it a secret.

“It’s cracking him up. He can’t keep it a secret much longer.” Stone warned him. He didn’t even bother taking a seat because he wasn’t going to stay long enough to need it. Felix was falling apart, living a lie and it was very clearly killing him a little at a time. The longer it went on, the more of him they risked losing.

“How did you know?” Byron demanded, with a bite that spoke of how frustrated he already was. Finding out the secret probably shouldn’t have done that to him, so Stone guessed it was a culmination of Felix’s secret and the paperwork getting on top of him.

“He said something about being tired. I told him he’d been sleeping too much and he said that it wasn’t that kind of tired. Then I found this.” He handed over the Kindle, still switched on with the covers of all the books on view.

Byron rubbed his forehead and held the Kindle in his hand for a moment. “It’s not my decision. I only passed along what the record company told me. They don’t think a gay rock star will sell in today’s market.” He explained, even though it sounded like a load of shit. Since when did being honest become a crime?

“Really? We have gay pop stars, why can’t we break ground in rock?” He asked, since he knew plenty of celebs who were gay or bi, in all genres of music. Just because there were no flamboyant men going around making out with other guys in public or rampaging through magazines talking about big dicks and hard abs.

“That’s not how it works.” Byron disagreed.

“No, here’s how it’s going to work,” Stone wasn’t going to leave this matter unresolved. He wanted a fix and he wanted Byron to make it happen. “Felix needs to get out of that closet, now! He’s suffocating in there. So either you deal with it or I will.” He threatened him.

With his piece said, Stone left the bus and headed back to his own. Felix was still sleeping in his bunk, and he could see Hawk standing outside the burger joint flirting with Yolanda. Nothing had changed since he left the bus the first time, but he was adamant that it wouldn’t stay that way. He would give Byron twenty-four hours and if Felix was still down, he would be taking matters into his own hands.”


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