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Book Review: The Overseers


Book – The Overseers (The Library of Illumination #6)
Author – C.A. Pack
Star rating – ★★★★
Plot – good for YA
Characters – better
Movie Potential – ★★★★
Ease of reading – very easy to read
Cover –
Suitable Title –
Would I read it again – Probably not. But I will read the next one, to see how the story progresses




I found this book to be very like the Chronicle of short stories. I think it read better as a short story, rather than as a series of shorts stuck together.



I enjoyed the plot of this story. I did, however, skim one or two parts, where it went into a lot of detail about Luminia. It was just a little too detailed and I found myself confused and uninterested in those parts.

I liked that I could remember who all the characters were, even though it has been over 4 months since I read the Chronicles. That’s always a good sign to me, since it means neither the story or the characters are forgettable. I’m still not a fan of the ‘brrriiinnnggg’ of the telephone or doorbell, but in a short story, where it only appears once, it’s not really more than a blip on my radar. I only mention it, because it really bothered me in the Chronicles because it was all over the place. Happening once in a short story is absolutely fine with me.

Unfortunately, I still got confused when the Overseers were talking to each other. Their conversations are telepathic, so they’re in italics and each person has a symbol to represent who is talking. I found it really difficult to keep up with, because there were no names to go with the speech. I think if it had a name or an initial instead of the symbol, it would be much easier to follow.

There was also a problem with the separation of events. One minute I’d be in Johanna’s POV and she was speaking with the Overseers and the next I’d be in Jackson’s POV, while he’s searching for her. It was confusing and could have easily been fixed with a line break, or the dots that separate other events.



Johanna still annoys me, but she was quite a lot better than the Chronicles I read. I think she’s a character that I like better in small doses. I still love Jackson and Mar. For me, they make up the story and provide some light relief from the adult-esque personality of Johanna. I think she and Jackson are teenagers, pretending to be adults, who can’t quite pull it off. In Jackson’s case this usually turns out to be hilarious and enjoyable to read, while Johanna, for me, comes off as dry and static. It’s not always a bad thing, because I think it’s indicative of who her character is, but it does slightly interfere with the enjoyment of the story.



I didn’t get on well with the Chronicle of stories that makes up this series. My theory is, now that I’ve read a short on it’s own, that they were never meant to be read as a singular book. I think reading each story individually would have made me like them a lot more and I would have probably enjoyed the characters more. The niggles I had with the Chronicles (review here) were very much not in sight in this short story. I enjoyed it quite a lot more.

I was also really surprised by the ending. I won’t give it away, but I will admit that I never expected Nero 51 to be smart enough to consider such a thing himself. It will be interesting to see how the next story turns out.


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