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It Was A Pleasure To Burn



Many a thing will burn,
In the midnight sky,
There is a lesson to learn,
As the flames reach high

High above the clouds,
The flame flickers and glows,
Into the crowds,
The laughter flows.

The laughter we know,
Oh! We know so well,
The one that is only to tell,
The tales of hell.

Goblin’s and such,
With demonic faces,
Fill their time much,
With their games and chases.

All this we know,
From the world of flames,
There is so much to show,
The world without names.

The reason for burning,
You will soon see,
Comes from the yearning,
To be set free.

To be set free from the world,
From the loves and hates,
To be taken away
Straight to the gates.

To the gates of where,
I hear you say,
Follow me if you dare,
I will show you the way.

The way to a place,
Though sinful and dark,
With no air’s and grace’s,
That leaves a memorable mark.

Where ages,
Bear no meaning,
and the soul’s pages,
can be scheming.

You lose a part of your soul,
Everytime you burn,
That’s the price to pay,
As you’ll soon learn.

But beware, the price of your soul,
May not be enough,
For the Master is wise,
And will not give up.

If you do not release,
Then he will take,
What’s rightfully yours,
Make no mistake.

Who is this Master?
Just wait and see,
But I’d start running faster,
If that was me.

Do not cross him,
It is a common rule,
When the lights are dim,
And the air is cool.

With your future unknown,
And so many years ahead,
It be wise to go now,
Or else you might be dead.

What is burning?
Compared to this?
It is the point of turning,
A feeling of bliss.

Bliss! You must be mad,
All this hell and minions,
It’s a strange feeling I once had,
But does not differ from opinions.

But, this place we will leave,
For the time being,
For the web that we weave,
Will have to be leaving.

For soon the Master,
From his slumber will rise,
For it is feeding time,
In the Master’s eyes.

Do not be disappointed,
For you will return,
Just remember,
It was a pleasure to burn.


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