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A Stormy Night – Poem



Open your eyes to the morning winds,
For it is I who howls and sings,
Beating away against the cliff side,
My violent screams dulled by the tide.

Forever and always to be captured here,
Never to have anything to hold dear
Stranded until the fates open the door,
And give to me the soul they tore

From my body that is numb
The fates send a thunder storm
To ravage what is left
To cover the darkness of their theft

Showing me all the things I could be.
As the waves pull me under, I cry
I cry the tears of rain as I try,
To plead for the life that was mine.

I struggle to pull free of their grasp
Knowing to give in would be
To feel the fates almighty wrath.
I’m drowning, sinking into the sea

I know now deep in my heart,
As the waves pull me further
The game is lost, the fates have won,
The sound of their victory thunders.

The darkness engulfs me, I’m just a host
An empty shell fighting the wind
I close my eyes and the fates laugh
But I’ve won. My sacrifice has lent

My soul victory. The fates don’t know
They have lost me, I am once again whole
Because of the power of love and sacrifice
So they wait must for another lost soul.

My soul ascends to heaven, where it belongs
While my body, broken and torn, lies a shell
Among the rocks and the waves songs
Never to be condemned to hell.


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