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Hope and Love Anthology LAUNCH!

Hope & Love Anthology

Blurb, Author Bio & Blurbs for indiv stories, Links and information regarding the center and press release


Hope and Love is a donation anthology to benefit the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center from various authors around the world that want to see them, and other centers like theirs, prosper and grow! That starts with hope. It’s what LGBTQ Centers all over the world give us, the hope, the community, the care and education we need in a world that is often hate filled, fearful of the unknown, and down right scary. When first introduced to community many of us rejoice as it’s often the first time we’re able to be out and be our true selves without fear or shame. This anthology is for the benefit of one such center, one that touches many, many lives, and like others, needs help and nourishment as well. Centers like the MKE LGBT Community Center depend on the love and support of others so that they may help and support us. Within this collection of stories, you will find hope, family, love, and community. Take a chance on a new author or one of your beloved… read, enjoy, and know that you are helping children, adults, teens, and elderly alike in our greater LGBTQ community!
~One hundred percent of the income from this volume goes directly to The MKE LGBT Community Center in Milwaukee, WI USA~


Hope and Love


Blurb 2

Book Blurbs for Hope & Love Anthology:

Aine Massie

Dinner for the Dead: As the wheel turns, Mistress Anya and her loves, Nicholas and Declán, join with their family to enjoy their first real Samhain together. As they come together for the traditional ‘silent supper’ what family truly means is found. It’s not just the ancestors you have or the blood relatives, but it’s even more so the family you build. For Anya and her House, it’s a joyous evening filled with love, family, and more.

Piper Kay:

Joey’s Choice: Seventeen year old, Joey wakes every morning dreading what the day ahead may have in store for him. High School sucks and so does the jerk and his pack of bullies who live to torture him. When Joey feels there is no hope left and no chance at having peace, there’s only one choice left. He’s sure the people he cares about would be better off without him anyway. Things happen for a reason, and when Luc steps in, Joey’s faced with two decisions. What will Joey’s choice be?

Elaine White

My Book Boyfriend: When Regan wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, he doesn’t expect to come face to face with his ultimate book boyfriend, Falcon Roman. He believes he’s falling into a strange dream. Until someone calling himself ‘the author’ shows up and tells him otherwise. Regan has 24 hours to fulfil three tasks. If he succeeds he can return to Falcon’s ranch in his novel any time he falls asleep, if he chooses to. If he fails then he will never come back and he will never see those smoldering green eyes or those rock hard muscles again. But what happens when his ideal book boyfriend, Falcon, sends all the right signals of attraction his way? Is it possible that his fictional book boyfriend has fallen for him? And what will Regan do if that’s the case?

Vickie Kinnard

Five Down Three to Go: There is nothing normal about Eren and Corbijn’s relationship, but then there is nothing normal about being turned into a vampire at 17, discovering you were the best spellcaster in recent memory and leading the secret society that hates you in a battle against the vampire coven that threatened to destroy them. “Five Down, Three to Go” is a new short story featuring characters Eren and Corbijn from The Red Sun Rises Series and finds the nominees for the Young Adult and Teen Readers Best Couple award enjoying a rare quiet moment in Paris. As a protest against gay marriage takes place nearby, Eren and Corbijn reflect on their relationship, their love for each other and getting married one day.

Milla V

Something to Hold on To: “Something to Hold on to” is the story of two friends. It is the story of acceptance and unconditional love between two teenage women who are discovering their sexualities.

Adan DePiaz

A Change of Heart: The first time Brandt and Max met it was dislike at first sight. When Brandt is forced to perform community service at the LGBT center run by Max’s two moms, Max discovers there is more to the football player than he first thought. Though Max is straight, he can’t seem to keep Brandt out of his thoughts.

Aaron Silver

One Last Kiss: On the worst day of her life, Sarah was almost ready to give up. Take the easy way out. Two symmetrical lights, an approaching train. One step and all would have been over. Now, she started to get control of her life back and it is because of one girl, Jen, who saved her that night. One kiss that gave her back the strength she needed, gave her hope and love and made her want to be in control again. One kiss that saved her. In a letter to Jen, she tries to explain how important that moment was to her.

Hope Ryan

Blue Eyes: Hope is a dangerous thing for anyone living on the streets, but to a teen like Andy, it’s even worse. Andy can’t afford to hope, he can’t afford to consider something better than what he has, because the disappointment when he’s wrong would crush him. So when hunger prods him into a new soup kitchen for a meal, he meets a gorgeous teen with amazing blue eyes named Will. But Will reminds him too much of himself and when he tells Andy things can get better, Andy bolts. But he can’t seem to forget Will’s words, no matter how hard he tries to stay away. With Will’s assurances of what the shelter is like ringing in his ears, he finds himself at the door again. Despite the draw of those beautiful blue eyes, Andy isn’t sure he can risk taking a chance. If Will is wrong, Andy doesn’t know how he’ll survive it.

Tempest O’Riley

Micah’s Medicine: When Micah Sands runs into his best friend, and secret crush, Perry (Pericles Mann) near the skate park, he’s torn between joy and fear. Micah knows he’s different and is terrified of both his family and his friend finding out about his sexuality. But when Perry asks for his help, he finds more than he bargained.

B. David Spicer

The Queen Dethroned: “The Queen Dethroned” is a story about two high school girls, Ashley and Monica, who are in love. When they are caught kissing in the parking lot, the schools ‘Queen Bee’, a girl named Celine, resolves to ‘out’ them and make their lives miserable. When Celine tries to bully Ashley, she does something unexpected and “Queen Celine” finds herself dethroned.

Jocelyn Sanchez

Sanctuary: At the age of eighteen, Luke found out just how cruel life can be when his mother kicked him out of the house because of his sexuality. He was on the street for a few months before a friend helped him get back on his feet. Wanting to make a difference, he opens up, Sanctuary Art Studio. A place where you can express yourself, without the fear of judgment or ridicule. He thought he had everything…until he met Carter. Carter life is a mess. After finding the love of his life cheating on him with his cousin, Carter vows to never to love again. After all, everyone in his life have disappointed him in one way or another. But when his therapist and only friend, William, threatens to change his therapist due to him not changing and lack of improvement, he agrees to take classes at Sanctuary Art Studio. Carter vowed to never love a man again. But then again, he never met Luke. Can Carter and Luke both learn to love again?

M. Leanne Phoenix

Breath of Life: Christian Zobal is somewhat of a jack of all trades: college student, sometimes model, a barista, and accidental lead singer of a band… all in sunny Southern California. The night before a show, he meets enigmatic Jasper Gunnarson. After the performance, and some fantastic news, Christian is viciously attacked in the parking lot… and beautiful Jasper finds him. Christian is unconscious for two days, but when he wakes, his dads help him to understand that they’re okay with whomever it is he wants to be. Christian struggles to find his purchase on life, to come to terms with what happened to him… and Jasper helps Christian remember how to breathe, how to live…

Kameron Mitchell

All The Wrong Numbers: To the naked eye, it would seem that Ivan Sheckherd will make the perfect son; finish school with honors, get his degree, find a wife, and have two-point-five kids. And if his father had his way, that’s exactly what would happen. The plan doesn’t seem as sweet once Ivan calls the suicide hotline, hoping for a little conversation, but instead finds something he didn’t know he was looking for: himself.

Marcus Maichle

Forte’: “Forte'” follows a young man learning to overcome his fears and trust in his strengths. He finds himself ‘unlucky in love’ until his fierce devotion to his friends causes his true potential to shine.

Donovan Alekzander Crane

Camp Kennevan: For Camp Kennevan: When Scott and Shane meet at Camp Kennevan as counselors, sparks fly, but neither man is sure of the other. As the weeks pass though, they find their hearts opening and love taking root. But will their affair end when camp does, or do they have what it takes to make a camp romance, last a lifetime?



Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing presents the

Release of the LGBTQ multi-authors

Hope & Love Anthology.

A CHBB – LGBTQ Charity Collection.

Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing (CHBB) are proud to present the debut of their YA/NA collection of LGBTQ short stories and publications from multi best-selling authors in the genre. The Hope & Love Anthology will be available September 26, 2014, at

The Hope & Love Anthology is a compelling compilation of LGBTQ stories focused on Love, Hope and Faith. Each story ends in a happy ending full of joy and peace.

Aine Massie, one of the authors, is local to the MKE-LGBT Community Center in Milwaukee. At last year’s Pride, she met several members of the center and they spoke about the services provided to youth, young adults, and seniors. An idea came to her of ways she could carry the message and help raise donations to help benefit the wonderful community. After speaking with her publisher, it is now becoming a reality.

SJ Davis, owner of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, was all for it. The two decided that they would put together an anthology where the stories would be appropriate for all ages, and where all the letters of the LGBTQ rainbow are welcome and shown. The publisher is providing artwork and publication at no costs. You can find Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing at the following links:

As it all came together, a submission call went out in search for authors interested in supporting this project, as well as the LGBTQ Community. Out of the responses, fifteen authors were chosen and accepted.

Together, CHBB and these authors have put together a unique collection of short stories from the heart. They are working hard to carry the message of hope and love throughout the world, and provide as much support as possible to this wonderful community center. All author prizes are given from them personally or through other authors, writers, and readers.

100% of all proceeds will go to the MKE-LGBT Community Center. You may also donate directly to the Center here:

Two foundering members, Denise Cawley and Karen Gotzler, of the MKE-LGBT Community Center, tell us that it was opened with the help of many volunteers in 1997. The community has a strong hold in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and their reach goes far and wide.

You can find out more about them at the following link.

Or you can follow them on Facebook at:

They have wonderful programs lined up for educational purposes, counseling, general info, with special programs put in place to provide awareness of domestic violence, bullying, and many other services. Here are some of the program and service provided, it’s impressive.

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